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an open letter to bay ridge nissan

dear bay ridge nissan,

thank you for trying to screw me over yesterday in buying the used altima i really wanted. after being there for more than three hours (and this was my second visit), test driving the car i wanted, negotiating a sale price, and leaving a $500 deposit, i was sent to meet with your business manager....

there, i was "offered" a $1500 dealer prep fee. yes, $1500. (which may be illegal, i am still investigating, because dealer "doc" fees in new york state are capped at $75.) this dealer prep fee was 25% of my purchase price. no amount of asking to see a breakdown of the fee yielded results. that's when i asked for my deposit back, shared a few choice words, and left.

note: this was above tax, title, etc fees. bringing my $6k car to $8300.

I may be a woman, but i'm not stupid. this time, you screwed with the wrong woman, as i spent nearly 18 years as a consumer reporter. ergo, i've since filed with BBB, tweeted to your people, tweeted to my people (so many brooklyn groups follow me). i've emailed customer support, left reviews on yelp and google (and, frankly, there are so many bad ones about you, mine will get lost in the crowd). no matter, i've also called "shame on you." am still hunting for more places to report you, because i'm actually enjoying this part. i thank you for that.

i don't much like being screwed with, and clearly won't be buying a car from your dealership.

all best,

brooklyn potter


  • I hate car dealerships, they should be like any other business. just put out a real sticker instead of the lousy msrp. msrp allows alot of bs fees and other things they'll sneak in after negotiations.

    Like last time i was buying my car, I got them to down a certain price. at the end they were like oh the orange color cost more. i was like i'll take the silver for the price we agree on. they wanted freaking 2k more. what joke. I hate their games and all of them play this game.

  • ORANGE costs more? That's hilarious. Buy new or buy a bike, that's what I say.

  • Yet another reason not to own a car.

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