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Getting rid of furniture?

I just moved to Dyker Heights from out of state, and I have a queen sized wooden storage bed frame that I brought with me. The problem is, I wasn't able to get it into the bedroom because of the dimensions. It's in two pieces, but doesn't come apart any more than that, so it's sitting in my living room taking up half the space there. It's clean and in great condition, but I can't seem to find anyone to take it.

I've tried craigslist and a couple of furniture stores that buy used furniture with no luck. I've even tried housing works, but they don't take beds. Does anybody know of a place that might buy it (or want to come pick it up!)?


  • If craigslist in the FREE section doesn't work, just take it to the curb on recycling day. I wouldn't put too much effort trying to "sell" it. With the bed bug scares in brooklyn, some people wont buy a second hand bed.

  • I wouldn't touch a used bed frame with a 10 foot pole. Once upon a time, sure, but not now. I suspect I'm not the only one. As Mamacita says, if you can't give it away throw it away. There's no chance that you're going to sell it. Your best bet is someone else who is new to the city and has not yet acquired a serious case of the heebee-jeebees at the mere notion of bed bugs.

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