Peugeot Bicycle Stolen out of Driveway on Prospect Ave — Brooklynian

Peugeot Bicycle Stolen out of Driveway on Prospect Ave

Hi Neighbors,

On 8/28 at 1:30 am, my new (vintage) white Peugeot was stolen out of our driveway. It has a mixte frame, black seat, white hand grips, silver rack and brass bell, sticker that reads 'Brooklyn Vintage Bicycles'. We have security video of the thief and submitted with the police report to NYPD.

It was rather disturbing crime as thief came all the way up our long driveway and underneath blue tarp that was over bike to get to it. While I know there is very little chance of getting back my bike, please contact me [/i]immediately [i]if you have information or see it around town. It'll be very good for your karma.

Thanks you!


  • Dear saa344:

    Sorry to hear about the loss of your Peugeot.

    I strongly urge you and other bicycles owners to go to a reputable bike shop like Brooklyn Board on Vanderbilt Avenue, and register your bike. I believe they can also engrave an identification number on your bike which could aid in it's recovery if stolen.

    Check with your homeowners insurance representative to see whether you have coverage for this loss.

    Here's hoping they locate your bike and arrest the thief.

    Eustace Greaves Jr.


  • Hello again saa344:

    By any chance, do you have a picture of the stolen bicycle which you can post?

    Eustace Greaves Jr.

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