Is this dog walker dangerous? — Brooklynian

Is this dog walker dangerous?

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I don't have a dog, so I don't know, but I just saw a car with maybe 10-12 dogs in it, idling on Prospect between Underhill and Vanderbilt. The windows were down, the engine was running, there was a basket of housekeys on the dash. I waited for a few minutes and the owner came out with another dog. I've seen her around - middle aged, short grey hair. She put the dog in the car and drove off. It seemed like a very unsafe situation to me, and I thought I'd mention it here.


  • Sounds unsafe to me. I'm happy my dog walker doesn't fit the description you give.

  • I'm petty sure I know which walker that is and she is good. I was a little concerned the first time I saw what you described, but I'm not worried after seeing her work for years-she knows her dogs and I'm guessing the keys don't have addresses, but dogs' names at most. If your dog is good (or loves) to walk with other dogs, she gets them really good exercise. I don't need a walker but I've had friends use her and my friends' were very happy to get a slot with her (and their dogs were quite happy when I would see her with them).

    I know at some point she and maybe some other walkers were even renting a fenced lot where they could take their charges for private off-leash and really let the dogs run and play, hence them being popular walkers. I think her dogs often get a longer/better walk than some of the other dog walkers around.

  • Don't know her, but she sounds like a fantastic walker to have those dogs under control!! A female Cesar Milan!!

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