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Beverley Square East/West boundaries?

I found this for Beverley Square West:

The said territory known as Beverley Square West is bounded and described as follows: Beginning at the intersection of Beverley Road and Marlborough Road, running southerly along Marlborough Road, including both the easterly and westerly sides of Marlborough Road; running thence westerly along Cortelyou Road, including only the northerly side of Cortelyou Road, to Stratford Road; running northerly along Stratford Road, including both the easterly and the westerly sides of Stratford Road, to Beverley Road; running thence easterly along Beverley Road, including only the southerly side of Beverley Road, to the point of beginning. The territory shall also include the northerly and southerly sides of Slocum Place, Matthews Court and Lewis Place.

But I can't find anything about Beverley Square East, at least not that correlates to what I pasted above. There's this:

but that has different boundaries for BSW, so I don't know which to believe, and I can't find anything to back it up.

The first link seems legit, something like a legal document or something, so I'm more inclined to go with that.

Anyone know the actual boundaries? Or even if they're not the "official" boundaries, at least the boundaries according to people who actually live there?

(I know this is random. It's for one of my geeky projects.)


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