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Wanted House cleaning/maid service to remove cat allergens

I need to find a cleaning company that specializes in ridding an apartment of allergens, maybe even specializing in pet allergens. Or possibly recommendations for specialty cleaning products? (Cat dander is notoriously sticky and hard to deal with.)

My boyfriend is deathly allergic to cats (asthma, too) and he is moving in. I have found a foster home for my three cats, but my apartment must be ridiculously clean before he can live here. Every single bookcase needs to be pulled from the wall and cleaned, everything pulled out of the shelves, every inch and every item wiped clean.

I also need them to understand how crucial it is to get every inch and corner - not just nod, 'uh huh, sure' and give the standard quick wipe.



  • Jordan:

    I'd love to hear how you solved this problem and if it worked. I'm in a similar situation: my mother is deathly allergic to cats and my husband and I have one. This hasnt been so bad thus far but now I'm pregnant and the idea of my mother not being able to visit just won't work. We're giving up our cat but I'm not sure the best route to de-catting the apartment. I'm hoping your experience was a success!


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