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Newkirk B/Q?

So I just checked this area out and really liked it. So of course I want to ask if it is safe and what brokers or management companies I should contact to look for a studio or 1 BR in this area.



  • It is a very safe neighborhood, and I would recommend using either the Brooklyn Hearth or Mary Kay Gallagher Realty to find apartments.

  • I actually found a place in my friend's building without a broker (though I did look with a few brokers til I found this place) -- and low and behold, off the Newkirk stop.

    Thanks so much! Moving in a few weeks...

  • Do you live in Ditmas Park now? I just moved here and am looking for recommendations for Food, bars, etc. Anything been great out here yet that I should try?

  • Not many options as far as entertainment, food, and groceries, but it's near transportation. Courtelyou has Sycamore, and the Farm on Adderly has gotten a few reviews. If you go down to Foster, there's the OxCart Tavern. Best of luck!

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