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Tons of cops out tonight

edited 8:20AM in Park Slope

There were a ton of cop cars parked along Prospect Park West and 5th Avenue tonight-- is anything up?


  • My guess would be Knicks vs Nets at the Barclay.

  • I live in PPW and for the last 2 weeks there have been patrol cars parked nightly every 3 to 4 blocks. Usually there is a car parked on PPW and 7 st, another on PPW and 11th and another by the pavillion. Something funny is going on, since my neighbors and I approached some of the cops for info but they just brushed us off by saying that nothing is going on.......

  • i asked one and they said its a show of force after that string of robberies (I think they hit a tastt-d-lite or something)

  • 78th pct was accorded extra patrols since they are responsible for Barclays center. They have been staging some of them along 5th , 7th and ppw.

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