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Cafe Rue Dix: 1451 Bedford at Park Pl

On the southeast corner of Bedford and Park Place there is a storefront which has been empty for well over a year. Before that it was a burger place. Just this weekend there has been paper put up over the windows, and on one of the corners is written "" That URL comes up empty. Anyone know anything?


  • I've been wondering about this place since I moved here last year. I live on that block and all I've seen inside it are bootleg DVD's and some handbags. If it's a cafe/food I'll be happy

  • I think you got the URL wrong:

    French/Senegalese cafe

  • That is good.

  • If anyone is interested or wants to help out, the cafe is asking for very short "letters of support" for their liquor license, which can be done by clicking the "contact" page at the website. According the them it doesn't have to be long, just "short and sweet like you."

  • Just a question, why would someone support an unknown applicant's quest for a liquor license? How do people know that the recipient would be responsible with it?

  • It's a cafe, not Barclay's center.

  • Epiclylaterd said:

    It's a cafe, not Barclay's center.

    +1. Don't understand the concern here -- should we be afraid they'll serve minors, or make a bad cocktail?

  • A letter of support isn't like making a sworn statement that you have to testify to or that you are making under penalty of perjury. It's just an informal "hey I live near this place and I would like to have a drink there because the location looks nice and their website makes them look like they are enthusiastic to do business." I'm sure if you find out the place sucks and is selling bath salts to underage kids you could send a letter to the Board revoking your prior letter.

  • Cafe Rue Dix

    Work was happening today on this place, and I looked in while the door was open.

    ...It looks like it is getting pretty close to opening.

    Liquor lic already granted.

  • Do you think that the other empty storefronts on Bedford between Park and Sterling might follow?

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    At present, I don't see having Bedford having the North/South foot traffic to support a lot of non bar/restaurant small businesses (barbers, bodegas, etc)

    So, I see the mix of businesses on Nostrand changing first.

    Then, I see the big housing development which is planned to replace the theater at Lincoln and Bedford, as bringing in enough foot traffic to open many of the storefronts

    From their Instagram feed, it looks as if this will be a multi-floor restaurant, with a roof deck.

    Here's a photo from Sept. 2012. Note, it is much further along now:

    It has a upscale, corner location and I expect it will be popular....

  • any updates on this place? my partner walked by and said there's a "for lease" sign up....hope that's not the case, i was really looking forward to this place opening up.

  • I have no info.

    However, I did come across this site by the architect who is (was?) designing it.

    It shows how the interior and exterior is/was supposed to look like.

    This site already has an alcohol permit, and has been mostly renovated. I predict it will become something, even if (for some reason) it does not become Cafe Rue Dix.

  • holy hell that is an ambitious project. I hope this place (or something else) will come to the corner soon. From the looks of the design, they're a ways away, especially if they plan on extending the glass windows all the way up like that.

    On a related/semi unrelated note. I've always wondered about that space on the corner diagonal from the Cafe Rue Dix space. Looks like its probably mighty big inside. Rarely see the gate open.

  • Cafe Rue Dix replied back to me via Facebook:

    "Thanks so much for checking in. We had a few set backs during construction that pushed our deadline back to this spring. We are bummed about the delays but excited to be opening none the less. We will be relaunching the website and sending out opening date cards as soon as we nail one down. Great news is that we have our liquor license and will be able to open up ready to rock in that regard!!! Thanks again for your support and checking in with really means alot! Hope to meet you soon. Bisou"

  • Cafe Rue Dix posted on Instagram after months of inactivity. Looks like they are extending the exterior of the front.

  • Or at least reconfiguring things at the entrance

  • Readers, in case you need this help...

    We are talking about this site:

    It is located at 1451 Bedford Avenue

  • Glad they have some momentum again. I thought it was cool that they sent out thank you fliers with the offer of a free drink to people who sent letters of support for their liquor license. And Catfish seems to be doing well in practically the same location.

  • Inside shot from their Instagram. Looking pretty cool inside. Bar area looks like it'll be stocked with tons of liquor going up the wall

  • Instagram has web profiles now:

    Good stuff!

  • wow! this place looks really interesting and different than most of the upscale places that have been popping up around the neighborhood. Does anyone know the extent of the food/restaurant concept?

  • Their website seems down at the moment, but it described lots of French/Senegalese type food when it was up:

    Ben said:

    I think you got the URL wrong:

    French/Senegalese cafe

  • Looks to be upscale without using the "Brooklyn upscale mold"

  • The doorway to the right leads to some stairs. Not sure if the bottom is bar and upstairs is food? Maybe the upstairs is storage? Can't tell what the dimensions of the space are. It confuses me because there is an apartment seemingly on the second floor but I could be wrong.

  • Paper was down from the windows yesterday. Looking forward to some variety; I hope this and Kimiya are both good.

    Can we get a thread title correction?

  • Correct to what?

  • The OP misspelled the name of the place. It should be

    Cafe Rue Dix

    For extra points, put "Cafe Rue Dix: 1451 Bedford at Park Pl"

  • This place seems to be nearing completion. Windows are decorated with "bar" "cafe" "restaurant" writing and the cafe name on the wall. Catfish has been awesome to have as a close option and hoping Cafe Rue Dix will be great as well

  • This place seems to be nearing completion. Windows are decorated with "bar" "cafe" "restaurant" writing and the cafe name on the wall. Catfish has been awesome to have as a close option and hoping Cafe Rue Dix will be great as well

  • Like most businesses, Cafe Rue Dix will be operated/incorporated as an LLC. The name is Alexander and Diagne, LLC

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  • Photo: Brooklyn Born

  • Stopped by this afternoon, and one of the workmen said they plan to open to the public next Sunday. fingers crossed!

  • So does anyone one know what kind of food they will actually be serving?

  • newguy, it's a French/Senegalese cafe. The website doesn't have a menu yet, but it does say baked goods, pastries, lunch, dinner, brunch, bar.

  • I don't believe I've ever had Senegalese cuisine before. But all the African food I've ever had has been really really good or inedible. I've never had some that was just ok. Here's hoping!

  • We just passed by Rue Dix on our way back from Cent'Anni and the place was packed. Full bar, looks like a great place for a drink and/or bite. By the decor, the owners obviously know what they're doing....

  • photo taken by proprietor, on July 19, opening night

  • Looks great!!

  • Ms. Whynot and I ate there tonight. It was yummy.

    The crowd seemed to be professionals age 30 - 45. The food was a "lighter" than many of the local sit down offerings (Mayfield, Indian, etc being on the heavy side). We had appetizers.

    The weather was perfect for having the windows open. The wait staff was attentive.

    I'd add more sandwiches to the menu. I found it weird that burgers and fries were on the menu ...but that is just me.

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    I have yet to see this place empty, and it consistently gets itself press:

  • While I am not a regular customer, I give this place the award for "most flawless opening and first year of operation"

  • A vintage store and market opens next door on Saturday:

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