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Getting to downtown brooklyn from Bushwick


I am looking into a multi family home in Bushwick. I know the area has great subway options for those looking to get into the city.

I however work in Atlantic Terminal on Flatbush and Atlantic. Other than walking to the G which is well over a mile in most locations, it appears my only other way to get there would be taking the L to Lorimeer and transfer for the G train. Is there a better way to get to Atlantic Terminal from Bushwick such as a bus or other means?



  • You're better off taking the bus. I'd go with the B38 (DeKalb), the B52 (Greene), or the B26 (Halsey) depending on where in the area you are. All will drop you on Fulton Street downtown and its a one block walk to the Atlantic Terminal. Your other option is to take the L or J in the opposite direction to Broadway Junction and then transfer to the A downtown. You'd get off at Hoyt Street which is about 4 blocks away from Atlantic Terminal.

  • Great information, thanks. I am not at all familiar with those buses. Do you know if the run frequently and are reliable, and also how long is the average ride? Thanks!

  • will help you

  • you could also explore routes & transit times on

  • Specifically, will help you. This has all the schedule data and construction updates right from the source.

    I'd probably bike, myself, however.

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