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Spring 2013 Church Avenue coverage

In this thread, I'll likely just post articles that put an intelligent view on the delicate task of policing.



  • This whole thing makes me sad. I worked 3 blocks from where this took place for 5 years. My first year teaching I taught 4th grade when this kid was in a different 4th grade class. I didn't know him but I know kids just like him. Kids who had SO MUCH going against them. Kids who, when on a school trip on a bus, hid below the windows when we passed cop cars because they're the bad guys. Kids who wouldn't participate in career day because police officers and other city agents were present. Kids who hadn't done anything wrong....they were just born in a part of the city that treats them like criminals from day one.

    The riots occurring in the area are not going to make a difference....but they are bringing attention to a part of the city I bet many NYTimes readers had never heard of..and certainly had never been to. Why are kids carrying guns around? Same reason why a poor white kid in rural America does (although that kid is seen as "old-timey" or "traditional" and not as a criminal) because he is BORED.

    The schools out there do all they can, but they close at 3pm. Then what? There isn't a gym nearby. No community centers. No jobs nearby. No extracurriculars for them to join.

    I'm not asking for more money to be poured into the area in the ways of WIC, EBT, Welfare, etc... but rather by building and staffing a community center -- a place for kids, teens, adults... When dealing is the only way to make money in the immediate area, why are we surprised kids deal? And then why are we surprised they're armed since the turf is so small and needs to be protected?

    It makes me so sad that a life was lost....but I really hope his politicians see this as a way to get things done for their area.

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