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Weiner for mayor?



  • Somewhere down the line this whole mess is going to come back to bite his kid in the butt. He better hope that he can make some sort of comeback doing something because that's his only absolution. I feel sorry for Huma.

  • According to an article on Bloomberg.com, George Soros has just backed DeBlasio for mayor because he's against stop and frisk and he supports pre-k and after school programs what candidate doesn't?). He also feels Deblasio will work to reduce economic inequality (this coming from one of the richest men in the world who uses his money to sway opinions as much as possible). So...this may or may not work out in DeBlasio's favor as it sounds hypocritical to me.

  • Several papers are reporting that Liu isn't going to get matching funds, so I think he is out of the the race.

    Here's the original list, updated as of August 6, with the folks that I don't think have a realistic chance crossed out:


    •Sal Albanese

    •Ceceilia Berkowitz

    •Randy Credico

    •Bill de Blasio

    •John Liu

    •Christine Quinn

    •Erick Salgado

    •Bill Thompson

    •Anthony Weiner


    •Adolfo Carrión, Jr.

    •John A. Catsimatidis

    •Joseph J. Lhota

    •George McDonald

  • While being careful not to be too specific on how they would achieve (or even define) the goal, all of the Democratic candidates are presently promising "More Affordable Housing".

    In this crowded field, De Blasio has decided he will one up them and is promising to ALSO reduce pedestrian traffic deaths.

    http://dnwssx4l7gl7s.cloudfront.net/deblasio/default/page/-/Visionary Street Safety Goal - No Fatalities or Serious Injuries on NewYork City Streets.pdf

    Think it will bring in any votes?

    ...bravely taking on the forces that are pro-pedestrian deaths.

  • Is that promise an example of "open mouth, insert foot"?

  • I suspect that DeBlasio will indeed encounter resistance if he attempts to reduce pedestrian deaths, not from any pro-pedestrian-death axis of evil, but rather from drivers who are tired of having to stop for red lights at every damn intersection.

    The usual traffic "calming" techniques, such as stop signs, red lights, reduced #s of traffic lanes, speed bumps, etc., can also be fairly described as "traffic paralysis" techniques. They may save lives, or they may not... I wouldn't be surprised if a small percentage of drivers become so frustrated at all of the unnecessary stop-and-go that they lose it entirely and start looking for pedestrians to run over.

  • Hey...that's what happened in Venice, Ca few days back. Nothing like a good hit and run I always say.

  • Hey, anything to reduce motorist tensions works for me!

  • It certainly is a promise that it would be hard to hold a new mayor accountable for.

    So many things go into influencing the number of pedestrians killed in a given year, that it would be tough to blame any one person for them.

    Seems like a good populist position that has yet to be seized upon....

    The trick to avoiding any backlash from the folks at AAA and the Teamsters is to not say WHAT he will do to reduce the deaths.

  • Near as I can figure it there's two ways to decrease pedestrian deaths. 1) get rid of the cars 2) get rid of the pedestrians. As for me and to paraphrase Patrick Henry.."give me fossil fuels or give me death."

  • Breaking news! A photo of yours truly has just been taken WITH Mr Weiner, and is available via the PM function to regular readers.

  • This graph takes a moment to read, but shows how chaotic the race has been over the last few weeks:

    Source: WNYC http://wny.cc/16O5hOW

    It says DeBlasio is presently (Aug 17) ahead....

  • Quinn takes a hit:

    Z O M G

  • ABQ.

    Anyone BUT Quinn. She's been Bloomberg's right hand, let her go down with his ship. I'd like to use a t instead of a p in that last word.

  • I'm no fan of Anthony Weiner, but he proposed something during last night's debate that I haven't heard from any other candidate (please correct me if I'm wrong).

    Weiner proposes embedding small cameras on the front of NYPD officers' uniforms. I think this is an excellent idea.

    What do you guys think?

  • I think they would produce some of the best Youtube videos ever.

    ...even better than the cat who likes boxes.

  • AP I was disturbingly impressed with Weiner. Before the debate I was expecting to like de Blasio but nope liked Weiner more. I love the cops wearing cameras idea. I also love the fact he's the only candidate who doesn't want to nail cameras to absolutely everything. Could he be the guy who actually puts the NYPD back on their leash? I'm terrified that I might end up voting for him! :pale:

  • Weiner was in today's Labor Day Parade.

    How they kept a younger version of me from joining his section, and grabbing their crotch over and over, I will never understand.

    Kids today lack the skills and courage necessary to do what is required.

  • wiener found it hard

    in the end, wiener pulled out

    he slid down the poll

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