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Just Ranting... How Rude

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I just want to rant, I have lived in this area all my life I am 61 and grew up here from 15 St. to Prospect & Greenwood, owned a Comic Book store for more than 17 years with my x, my mom lives in the Bishop Boardman Apt Building for more than 20 yrs now. My mom has been in the hospital since fathers day and I am here to take care of her apartment and her turtle. When I grew up here everyone was very polite and respected each other. I dont know if its just me but we have a few very rude people around here. Today on 16th btw. 7&8 Ave they had a block party the street was closed off. On Friday when I came in the night late I never park around there because its very difficult for me to walk as I am disabled but as we all know parking here is horrendous after 25 mins of going around I found a spot there on 16th st near 7th, I have been very sick for the past few days and today a few minutes ago I went to move my car, I noticed that by the corner of 7th there were no children and about 7 other cars were parked and near 8 also about a good 8. I got into my car and very carefully backed out only two cars form the corner, when this man comes walking down street telling me "what are you doing" :/ I am moving my car" I said he was very nasty telling me if I didnt see the children etc. I told him I was moving I had been sick and didnt honestly see the signs it was late at night. But he continued to say things like get out go home where you came from then I I told him you dont own the block the young lady that was with him told me they did :( I said to him that I lived here all my life I mean really? Are you going to talk like this to all the car owners that are parked on the block about 13 cars up along the block? He then took his phone to call the police so did I :( . Its really sad that we have to resort to being rude and disrespectful for a little thing like this If I were a young woman I could understand it does not give me the right to do this but i did not see that sign.

I just needed to rant just because of the way he came at me like I was doing a crime when all i was doing was moving my car back two cars away from the corner. He saw me with a walking stick and disabled plates . Like my compadre use to say "HOW RUDE".

Shame on you mister for your disrespect to me.. Hope no one talks like this to your mom, dad or wife. I dont have a camera to take photos os the rest of the cars parked on the street. We have lost our manners and our humanity, we have no respect for our elders anymore and we teach our children that is ok to speak to people in this manner. This is not the neighborhood I use to know, not anymore.


  • I'm sorry that happened to you, Willow. Sadly, rude people are everywhere and misunderstandings occur all the time. Situations, locations, and people change, but one thing remains the same: humans can be dicks to one another.

    Hope the rest of your weekend is better :sunny:

  • I am sorry that happened to you too. I have only lived in Brooklyn for five years, and am an immigrant and a newly minted US Citizen. I loathe these block parties that spring up from nowhere, people think that they can photocopy a few flyers, stick them on trees, buy some caution tape from Lowe's or Home Depot and declare a block closed. That is not the way it is supposed to work. If it is a legal block party there will be notices posted by NYPD a few days before, and they will block the streets with their blue "NYPD Line Do not Cross" metal and wood barricades. These people may own houses, coops or condos on the block, but they do not own the street, that is most definitely public land - which is why we don't have resident only parking.

  • Thank you for your thoughts it is refreshing to know that I am not the only one that feels this way. I drove away because I did not want to become like this man. It really is sad but like Mamacita said misunderstanding will occur. Again thanks this really leaft a bad taste in my mouth. Hope you both have a great weekend also.

  • Willow, it sounds as though you were treated very shabbily.

    On the other hand, I am one of the folks organizing a block party for my block for this coming weekend. We had a block party a few months ago. In each case we have the appropriate Police Department permit, and we have collected money for supplies and entertainment from many residents of our block.

    During our last block party a number of drivers (astonishingly) literally moved the Police Department sawhorses and attempted to drive through our block, notwithstanding the dozens of small children playing in the street.

    We, the adults of the block, confronted the drivers and were every bit as rude to them as people were to you. Those drivers were threatening the lives of our children. We forced them to back up and leave the block the way they came.

    I am sorry that you were treated the way you were. But it is just possible that you had the misfortune, in all innocence, to follow a number of other, less innocent, drivers, and that the people on your block had lost all patience with cars interrupting their block party.

  • yup.

    One of the biggest ways in which persons with disabilities are presently getting the shaft, stems from people abusing laws that pertain to service animals.

    Basically, the laws around what is a service animals are totally vague and contradictory. As a result, one can buy a vest, ID card, etc on the web and then use it to bring their dogs (cats, snakes, birds, etc) into restaurants and on public transportation.

    Out a of fear of being sued or causing a scene, the bus drivers and restaurant owners usually look the other way. However, some of the animals have bitten people and seem to serve no purpose other than allowing someone to have their pet with with them.

    As a result, once and a while you get a store owner who enforces a ban on all animals (even those with "service credentials") , and everyone turned away seems to do nothing. This affirms their belief that all of the people with service credentials are frauds, and they eventually get into trouble because they turn away someone who has a genuine disability and need for a service animal.

    While the store owner gets burned for their indiscriminate policy, the person with a disability has to fight that fight at every single establishment, every day, because of the actions of the majority: Those who used and claimed privileges they had no right to.

  • Pardon WhyNot's digression... He evidently did not realize that this thread has nothing to do with service animals.

  • I was providing another example of how people with disabilities don't receive the accommodations they need and deserve, because other people don't take the time to find out the validity of their request, and/or misunderstandings.

    The education has to go both ways:

    1. People throwing block parties (or running restaurants) need to know that some people are going to need exceptions (i.e. the disabled).

    2. People who like to have their car (or dog) with them at all times, need to realize that unless they have disability, they are going to need to part with it regularly and that we shouldn't need a person with gun and a badge to make that happen. Signs stating "service animals only", and wooden police barriers should not be challenged by everyone who believes they can get away with it.

  • Again thank you for your thoughts and your comments, As a mother of three grown children and a grandmother I am a very responsible human being. The first thing I did was look to see if there where children near by and yes there were three with their bikes. I just sat in my car and waiting till they went up the block since I was just two cars up from the corner. The parents saw me get in the car and asked them to move. I have been driving for more than 35 years and never had an accident thank God with a clean driving record. I am also a very responsible person. I do understand the rules of block parties etc. since I grew up in Park Slope I am not new to this; but like I mentioned in my post, it was late at night and after 25 min of looking for parking on 8th which is where I park when Im here I was in a lot of pain so I parked there and "did not" see the sings. What really had me irritated was the way this man spoke to me from the beginning as I was trying to back out i was two cars for the corner of 7th. I was not trying to drive through the block party. My mistake was not leaving the car their. The other thing was that there were so many cars left there on both ends of the street. The owners didnt even come down to move them, was he going to address every car owner in the same manner he did me? I just couldnt beleive the way this guy just came rushing down the block to insult me, he as very nasty from the first words that came out of his mouth. Believe me the pain that i endure is unbearable 24/7 the walk up the block was not good for me but I had no choice. With all this said It was a honest mistake of my part that I did not see the signs and to try to move my car but I needed to go out. Whynot thanks I understand what you are saying

  • Uh, Willow, I was there.

    One of the block party organizers shouted at you to stop your moving (in reverse) vehicle on a street closed to traffic. No one insulted you. You were in the wrong, you were called on it and you got loud (that, at least, was "old neighborhood" of you).

    Your rant here is a continuation of your rant on our block. It basically comes down to: The "no parking" rules don't apply to me (because I grew up here, my mom's in the hospital, I was feeling sick, etc., etc.). BTW, it was you who threatened to call the police. And you were encouraged to do so because this was a legally permitted block party, with NYPD notices on every curbside tree, streetlight, and sign post for the week before the party.

    I am sorry for your mother's and your ill health. You deserve respectful treatment ... no less than you owe respectful treatment to the people who now live in the neighborhood you used to call home.

  • Were you really HomeGrown? I don't remember seeing anyone else there but the man a young woman and myself. "Old neighborhood" you don't know me or know anything about me to call me that. See this is what I mean how there is no respect anymore. I really don't want to continue with this its done and over with, I just needed to say something because of the manner in which this man came at me. Which was with disrespect. I do respect others so that they respect me. I wont allow anyone to speak to me in that manner I don't care who it is so I reacted to that.

    BTW this is already done and over with. It makes no sense to continue with this. And I will always call the neighborhood my home because it is where I have been. So when he told me to go home I was suppose to also be quiet. No matter its over you dont need to respond .

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