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Rally afternoon of Saturday Feb 23rd to save Slave Theater

There will be a Rally this Saturday, February 23rd 2008 from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM to raise awareness in the Community about what's going on with the historic property know as the Slave Theater located at 1215 Fulton Street between Bedford Avenue and Arlington Place in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighbourhood of Brooklyn NYC.

The Slave Theateras it looks now, 1215 Fulton Street between Bedford Avenue and Arlington Place in  Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn NYC

the late NY Civil Court Judge John L. Phillips Jr. who owned the Slave TheaterThe Rally will also honour the memory and work of the property’s previous owner, the late NY Civil Court Judge John L. Phillips Jr. At the Rally there will also be information and discussion about what happened to the money and property of this Bed-Stuy resident who was once a millionaire property owner but whose fortune and property (including the Slave Theater) became a bone of contention in the Courts and is now completely depleted.

The Slave Theateras it was in 1990, 1215 Fulton Street between Bedford Avenue and Arlington Place in  Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn NYC The then named Regent Theater was already a century-old when Judge Phillip bought and renamed it in early 1980s. According to the NY Times, it was called Slave No. 1 Theater “so that no one would ever forget our struggles . . . or what we, as black people, have gone through.” Judge Phillips also turned the inside of the Regent into an homage to African-American history. The walls are lined with portraits of Malcolm X, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Marcus Garvey and Kwame Nkrumah, the founder of Ghana.

The Slave Theater became famous outside the neighborhood as a nationwide icon of activism starting in the 1980’s when it hosted speeches and rallies by such nationally know figures as the Reverend Al Sharpton. After the illness of Judge Phillips the theatre went unused, a situation many wish to reverse and bring it back to its former glory as a vital part of the community.

Brenda Fryson, chairwoman of Brooklyn’s Community Board 3 who is a leader in the effort to get landmark status for the theater was quoted in the NY Times as saying “The Slave Theater is definitely a community treasure . . . It really is a great part of our history in this neighborhood.”

A partial list of those organizing the event includes: John Clark, Emmani Taylor, Pop Gaskins in conjunction with The Universal Hip Hop Parade Foundation, The Brooklyn International Black Film Festival, Queens of New York and The Committee To Honor Black Heroes. Also scheduled to attend is NY City Councilman Charles Barron.

the interior of the Slave TheaterIt is hoped that the rally will assist in keeping this historic building from being sold to property developers and allow it instead to gain landmark status and continue to serve the people of the neighbourhood.

For more information please contact:

Mr. Pop Gaskins – 347-744-7848 PopGaskins1 @ aol.com

Mr. Kazembe Batts - 718-415-4712 universalhiphopparade @ yahoo.com

Mr. Mike "Hollywood" Christie - 347-258-6821 MikeKChristie @ yahoo.com


  • Why in God's name is Emani Taylor listed as an organizer of this event?

    According to the current edition of the Booklyn Paper:

    "In December, a state judicial panel suspended the legal license of Emani Taylor, who served as Phillips’s guardian between 2003 and 2006, for stealing $328,000 from Phillips’s account."


    Talk about nerve!
  • The Universal Hip Hop Parade Foundation was there to honor the memory and wishes of the late Judge John L. Phillips Jr. and to support the renovation and landmark status of the Slave Theater.

    We really have no knowledge of the particulars of all the many groups and people (and there is a very broad spectrum from through-out the community who supports this endeavor) who also signed on to the rally, however in our limited understanding of the matter we are told that Emani Taylor vigorously disputes the findings and has appealed.

    We are there for the Judge, to support the preservation of our history and to further the good of our community, especially our youth.
  • too bad i was out of town for this... how did it go, was there progress, and will there be any other gatherings?
  • Subject: Listen People, don't believe the hype, the truth will come.

    emani taylor was there because she started the restoration and development of the Slave Theatre. Until you know the whole story about Ms. Taylor, and stop believing in what the Newspapers "CHOOSE" to report about her, the fact is that she was the first person to present a comprehsible development plan to this community and Honorable Michael L. Pesce. The fact is that she has been preventing the Courts from selling this theatre for over 4 years now. The fact is that she worked for Judge John L. Phillips since 2002 and was paid according to those services she provided. The fact is, ALL THE FACTS ARE NOT OUT AND THEY NEED A SCAPEGOAT. The fact is the newspapers does not print the facts, they tell the STORY they want to tell you. As to her suspension, the fact is she was suspended because she was "not cooperating with an ongoing investigation." What happened is that she asked the committee to wait until her witnesses came to testify as to the work the had performed for Judge Phillips. The Attorney in charge of the case (a close friend of James Cahill), decided to take extreme measures, and acted according to what they do to BLACK ATTORNEY. The fact is MS. TAYLOR DID NOT NEED A COURT ORDER FOR THE PAYMENTS DISPURSED. THIS WAS NOT PAYMENT FOR HER WORK AS GUARDIAN, BUT HER 17 MONTS OF WORK FOR JUDGE PHILLIPS 4 YEARS EARLIER. She needs Court approval for payment for the 4 jobs she performed: 2003-2006: Personal Guardian, Property Guardian, Attorney for Personal Guardian, Attorney for Property Guardian. That has to be determined and fixed by the Court, not the work she performed PRIOR to being appointed, Guardians and Attorney for the Guardians. So to answer your question: THAT IS WHY MS. TAYLOR WAS PART OF THIS EVENT, AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE.
  • Is that last post a joke? Ridiculous nonsensical rambling. No wonder she was convicted.
  • Anonymous wrote: Is that last post a joke? Ridiculous nonsensical rambling. No wonder she was convicted.
    The joke is on those who refuse to see what's right before their eyes.

    From the New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/11/18/nyregion/18taylor.html

    Ms. Taylor acknowledged that she paid herself roughly $300,000 from the judge’s estate but said she had been paying for clothing and food for him out of her own pocket. ...

    Ms. Taylor said she hired relatives and trusted friends, saying that otherwise payment would have been required upfront.

    Reports filed in court by Mr. Cahill show checks totaling nearly $50,000 that were paid to Ms. Taylor’s mother, a registered nurse who for a time housed and cared for Mr. Phillips; roughly $40,500 that was paid to her son and daughter; and more than a dozen checks totaling about $15,000 that were written to another person believed to be a relative.

    Ms. Taylor defended her hiring of family members, saying that she paid her daughter and son-in-law, a licensed contractor, about $35,000 for contracting work on some of Mr. Phillips’s property, roughly half of what she says she owed them. Ms. Taylor said she paid her son a few thousand dollars over the years for work including cutting Mr. Phillips’s hair, providing security for her when she checked the judge’s property and acting as a property manager at some of the more “troubled” spots he owned.
  • Is that last post attacking or supporting the attorney - because to me it seems to support the idea that what she did was unethical if not illegal. Hiring relatives to do jobs is a big warning sign, and doing so without proper documentation is wrong. I guess you can write BLACK in capital letters all you want, but I don't know why anyone would use racism as a defense in such a situation. Very sad.
  • Fast forward to November 2013

    A group has been formed to save the theater, and reportedly it has nothing to do with the prior administration.


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