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a Stop sign has been knocked down

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On 2nd avenue at the corner of 13th street, there’s a Stop sign which has been knocked down (presumably by car)… It’s been this way for a few days. I wonder how long it’ll take until the city fixes it… I’m guessing the city will wait until after there’s an accident in which someone gets seriously hurt, and then decide it’s time to fix it.


  • Did you call 311? I don't think The City monitors this forum.

  • Yes, I did.

  • To get the matter expedited, you should notify your local community board (I guess that you live in the same CB as the downed sign; if not they will tell you). Email them about the downed sign, and don't forget to list the confirmation number that 311 gave you.

  • The stop sign has now been fixed.

    Okay, I'll admit the city got it done faster than I expected.

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