helicopters and police on Ocean Ave and Caton — Brooklynian

helicopters and police on Ocean Ave and Caton

Anyone know what happened with the police on the corner of Ocean Avenue and Caton? Helicopter definitely searching roofs nearby.


  • Breaking News Network is reporting:
    1/18/2014 7:48 p.m.|-73.9592020,40.6531593| Armed Robbery |POLICE| 803 Flatbush Avenue <br> Brooklyn, NY| Perps possibly fled into 369 or 371 Ocean Avenue. 70 Crime Sgt. requesting extra units. Numerous units on scene|1390092483|BNN
    http://gothamist.com/map/datac.txtSo I think it is likely related to the activity you are seeing.
  • Yep, that has got to be it. Haven't seen helicopters searching like that in a while. Scary when there are search lights in your living room.Thanks for digging that up!
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