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Can we get some bread, please?

I've been waiting for years now for someone to start selling decent bread on or near Franklin Avenue. Everyone has that same crappy Italian bread and fake baguettes as Bob & Betty's. Yeah, I know I can get Balthazar at Wedge sometimes, but not consistently and not during convenient hours. Compare is hopeless, unless I want to eat portuguese rolls.I don't need it to be artisanal, just something like La Brea or what I can typically get any time at Key Foods on 5th Ave. I'd like not to have to drive or bike to get something that pairs well with olive oil. I know we're not the only ones!


  • You are not the only one....Ms. Whynot braves the green market at GAP on weekends to buy from Bread Alone.
  • Lily and Fig (which has been there a while) makes good loaves of bread, and it's not expensive. They make a sourdough and a non-sourdough. I've found that both go well with olive oil. Also, I remember getting a challah there once, but I may be making things up.
  • I'll check it out, but Lily & Fig does not keep hours that are compatible with my grocery shopping schedule, and doesn't carry anything else I want.I would like one of our many neighborhood grocers to take this under advisement: I will shop at the one that has good bread.
  • I second eastbloc's call for one of our grocers to start providing GOOD bread. In the short term, eastbloc, have you tried Richol Bakery on Nostrand? They make several different kinds of bread, including a white sandwich bread, sourdough, and fresh, bakery-made baguettes. The baguettes are fantastic. The owner, Albert, has decades of experience as a baker and his breads are top notch.
  • OK, the mention of Richol Bakery was enough to finally get me to stop lurking and post something. Richol is the hidden gem of the neighborhood! Baguettes are great, but best are the pastries - SO good, really top quality, especially the croissants. I try to eat as many pastries from Richol as I can, but my arteries can only take so much. They're on Nostrand between Atlantic and Pacific. Open every day.
  • Sounds promising, but damn, it's far.
  • I was going to mention Richol as well. Man, I still wish I lived close enough to that place to get breakfast there. I could eat their raisin bread every day for the rest of my life with no complaints.
  • on Nostrand, near Atlantic.This morning I also learned that Bob and Betty's (located at Franklin and EP) carries Bread Alone bread. Presumably in order to keep the stock fresh, he does not stock a lot of it, and is out of it on occasion.
  • You can get sliced Bread Alone bread at Pine Tree, too, I think. That's not really fresh bread though. Pine Tree actually has that other panella-type sliced bread that's even better, but it's still not even in the same category as what I'm talking about.
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