Should the shrine at Nostrand and Park Place, R.I.P.?
  • ....something to think about

  • WOW this was just posted to my FB page and I had to come read the comments and now speak because it's clear that a lot of you are just speaking to be heard. 1-The first person placed on that wall was my Lil brother Earl Richardson aka Too Sweet died in 1976. Yes a child that was at a back to school party up the block with me and the rest of us Adults that we gave for the children on the block. Just something to do instead of being in the street on a late summer night. Upon leaving the party he was gun down to find out it was the wrong person the shooter or shooters was looking for, another Lorraine young mother shoot down in front of her children by a jealous boyfriend that kill himself also, another Keith Richardson accidentally gun down by NYPD because they thought he had a gun (NOT), another Perry Pace DJ Doctor Blood died from CANCER, Evelen & Diane young ladies died from asthma attacks. The list goes on and on. Yes a lot of murders are from street violence but NONE!!!! Happened on Park Place between Nostrand and Rogers. We loved our own and protected our own. I thank God I'm an OG that lived there for 40 years. I moved out of state but sometimes visit and go to that wall and remember those there and good times. We played with each other, we party, laugh, cried and support and stood by each other. IF THE WALL STAYS OR GOES EVERYONE THERE WILL STILL LIVE IN OUR HEART. Time moves on and things changes. AS A REAL TRUE LIVING OG SPEAKING FOR THOSE ON THAT WALL THEY DON'T CARE EITHER WAY. THEY MADE THEIR MARK AND WILL ALWAYS LIVE IN OUR HEART!!! Note that it's not always gang related nor drug related. STOP PUTTING OR CHILDREN IN A BOX OF DESTRUCTION. IF I HAD TIME AND SPACE I WOULD POINT OUT SOME ON THAT WALL THAT HAD DEGREES, A FEW THAT WORKED FOR NYPD & KINGS COUNTY HOSPITAL. PLEASE LIKE SPIKE LEE SAID WAKE UP. WE KNOW THAT THE AREA HAS CHANGE AND PEOPLE MOVED. I DON'T SEE THE SHRINES COMING DOWN IN OTHER AREAS BUT IF IT HAS TO BE REMOVE MOVE IT. BUT DON'T REPLACE IT WITH SOMETHING THAT WILL OFFEND THE MEMORY OF THOSE THAT'S THERE.
  • Thank you for posting Wil2Wat and please accept my condolences on the loss of your brother.
  • I do wonder if anyone has contacted the landlord in response to this thread.I have not.
  • A community member writes (via the site contact form):"I am one of the Founder of this wall I would like to know what the problem of this wall got to do with the comments that are being posted some of the some the comments are negative. this Wall was created in !992 any there are any questions that anybody is posting about negativity I will answer these questions for you and yes I live on the BLOCK FOR over 20 years"
  • follow-up post from the community member:"why does it bother any body"
  • Have you let the landlord know that there are still people around who want the wall to remain?
  • An additional comment from the sites "Contact Us" box:

    "Hi, I'm a reporter at News 12 Brooklyn, and I'm doing a story on a protest that's taking place regarding a post in your blog. Community members in Crown Heights say they're outraged that the question"Should the shrine at Nostrand and Park Place, R.I.P.? is being posed.Do you have any response? Please email me at Thanks you, Zak Sos News 12 Brooklyn Reporter"
  • I hope Zak Sos is given the time and resources necessary to report this story adequately. I have emailed Zak Sos to let him know that I would certainly meet with him, but I would want him to explore the central question ["Why do you ask if the shrine should RIP, if you don't want the shrine to go away?"] as part of a story that delicately and tactfully explained what methods mights work to preserve it, as well as replace it.
  • A little birdie has informed me:

    Due to this thread, residents of the community (including those who helped create the wall, those who knew those whose lives are commemorated) have realized that the wall is in danger as a result of its general state of disrepair and the neighborhood's rapid change.As a result, a conversation with the landlord occurred.The landlord agreed to let said members of the community refresh/repair/redesign the wall once the weather warms up.All are pleased at the this thread for details. See you in the Spring.
  • I love it!! Great work @whynot_31 for raising awareness.
  • This is great news. I'm so happy that it will get to stay.
  • The fact that Nostrand is landmarked adds an interesting wrinkle.   

    I suppose someone could argue that the mural/shrine is covered by the landmarking, and that they get to weigh in on its removal, preservation, or redesign. 
  • I assume it was there before Nostrand was landmarked (and technically it is not "on" Nostrand but on Park) so it would be grandfathered in.  
  • Yes, if landmarks had the energy and resources, it is my impression that they could argue it is protected.

    My question is "does this effect the efforts of the long term residents that this thread has reportedly spurned into organizing?"

    Are they going to potentially be told that they must go before landmarks?

    Or (as I hope), will they disregard any such obligations, and restore/replace it in a way that they desire?

    ....perhaps while eating hotdogs and burgers, and drinking refreshing beverages on a nice Saturday afternoon.
  • whynot_31 said:

     Or (as I hope), will they disregard any such obligations, and restore/replace it in a way that they desire?

    ....perhaps while eating hotdogs and burgers, and drinking refreshing beverages on a nice Saturday afternoon.

    This is what I hope for!

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