Chop Chop Grub Shop on Nostrand, near St. Marks and Dean
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    You know that French Fish place at 638 Nostrand, near St. Marks? ...The one that was never open, when you walked by? Well, it is officially closed. A place called Chop Chop Grub Shop has just opened up. And a poster from Yelp states:
    Chop Chop opened 5 days ago after a renovation. It has been busy the few times I have walked by since the opening. It's a small space with 6 counter seats facing the street which is great for people watching. There is a nice display of pastries by the register but the kitchen is visible in the rear and the dish washing sink on the side (docking half a star for appearance). Friendly cashier who recommended the lobster roll and said a customer has ordered it the last 4 days. The menu offers breakfast, sandwiches, salads, dinner and sides. I ordered the Lobster Roll and the Duck Torta for my boyfriend to go.Although the food did get a little cold from my walk home of one block, the food was delicious. The Lobster Roll had great flavor and nice chunks of lobsters but not quality or quantity for the $12 price IMO (another half star). Not sure what kind of bread it was, but it was nicely toasted with a slight amount of butter. Dish came with side salad and fries which had a nice crunch. The Duck Torta consisted of duck confit with a fried egg on I think a brioche bun. Egg was cooked perfectly with the yolk running all over with the first bite. The duck was very tasty and tender. It also came with the same side salad and fries. Friends also got the Sausage Roll and the Cajun Club which were also delicious according to them.We were very satisfied with the food and not overly stuffed. Everything tasted fresh, was delicious and well cooked. I would highly recommend this place and hope it stays open longer than the restaurant previously located here. It's a great addition to the neighborhood. I definitely want to go back and try the breakfast and dinner.
  • Had the skirt steak with potato and parsnip mash and brussel sprouts. Good. and had the special banana walnut pancakes for breakfast. Love them. Open early - open late. Good food. whats not to like? It is a tiny space so get over seeing the sink and kitchen. Geez!
  • I had a tasty sandwich (cujan club)  excellent flavors   the shop is on Nostrand Av & St Marks Ave.   Not expensive ,  staff friendly And they deliver  I will go back.

  • Yelp readers seem to continue to like it too.
  • tHE location is NOSTRAND between DEAN and BERGEN.
  • I finally stopped in to try this place out last night.  I got the sausage sandwich, and it was awesome; however, the menu listed the type of sausage as weisswurst.  I was born in Bavaria and we had weisswurst for breakfast every day . . . it wasn't weisswurst.  It tasted like an Italian sausage, and not a German one.  And definitely not a weisswurst which has a very distinct flavor and color.  While disappointed to not suddenly fall upon a childhood favorite in my 'hood, the sandwich was delicious regardless and I'll definitely be going back. 
  • Ask him what it was.  I had the buttermilk fried sweetbreads with brussel slaw and sprouts. WOW!  It was on special today.  I liked it better than the lobster roll.  So creamy delicate and delicious.  worth every penny.
  • Mr. Crownheightser and I tried Chop Chop Grub Shop on Friday for dinner, and it was fantastic. We got the duck torta sandwich and cajun catfish club to go. The sandwiches were delicious. The duck torta was filled with tender duck confit and fresh greens and the cajun catfish club was nicely cooked and balanced with pan-friend catfish, crispy bacon, and juicy tomato. Both sandwiches came with well-seasoned french fries and a mesclun salad. Guess how much it cost? A cool $20! Fantastic quality at a great value. If this is the future of Nostrand Ave, sign me up now. All they need is a cool awning or signage, and the proprietors of Chop Chop should develop into a really successful business.
  • I went to Chop Chop a few weeks ago on a Saturday afternoon. I found all of the employees very friendly and I ordered a Catfish club just like crownheightster. I ordered mine to go and took it the few blocks home. Unfortunately when I got home, the sandwich's grease had gotten all over the sandwich and the bacon was overcooked (I believe). I ate what I could and enjoyed the fries, but will not be buying fried sandwiches like this to go from now on. I will still definitely try this place, especially looking forward to breakfast here sometime, but the first try did let me down a bit.
  • The misses and I just ordered from here tonight based on the forum talk and Yelp reviews. The Cuban sandwich, spicy salmon and spinach salad with beets/fried green tomatoes was delicious!! So tasty.

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