Changes on Franklin between Eastern Parkway and Carroll
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  • Looks like 2 or 3 store fronts accross the street are for lease now... In addition to the store front a few doors down. Lot's of turn over for a one block stretch.

  • Over the past several months, the police have been quite assertive about ending hanging out at the corner of Union and Franklin.

    If I were a commercial landlord, I'd be psych'd if these efforts by the NYPD coincidently aligned with my leases expiring; high paying potential tenants tend to prefer less hanging out.

  • The new deli is known as "Wise Deli", and is upscale in that it does not sell beer or lottery tickets, and has a make your own salad section. Fancy.



    Arabic seems to be spoken behind the counter. The turkey sandwich was good.

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the street, are the storefronts referenced by dmiami. A Crown Fried Chicken is among those to go.

  • ^ but on the plus side, Sal's (across the street) just got a new awning.

  • Yes, Sal's looks like they know that if they don't upgrade, they will no longer be able to compete:

    Here's a photo of their old awning:


  • This strip is changing fast, so I took a little time to find some good photos of the bodega across the street from the new Wise Deli and Grill.

    Here's some more, but you'll need to click thru, because they can't be embedded:

    806 Franklin Avenue

    808 Franklin Avenue

    810 Franklin Avenue

  • According to the posting for 1045 Franklin the corner store on Union (Life Deli) is soon to be vacant.

    So that is 4 retail locations within a one block stretch. It will be interesting to see what happens...

  • I can't remember an instance over the last 3 months when I have walked by 1045 Union (820 Franklin Avenue) without seeing a cop present.

    That doesn't mean that crimes were occurring, it just means that this area is, um, changing hands.

    Meanwhile, this restaurant space less than a block away is becoming an Italian place:

  • We are also seeing some residential buildings come to market, like this one at Franklin and Union:

    851 Franklin

  • I have now heard a rumor that this strip of stores available for rent is being considered by one entity:

    However, the deal hinges on the bodega on the corner of Union and Franklin being on board, and they are not yet.

  • I have not heard any more rumors on this deal.However, I did come across this photo today. It shows what the block looked like in 1910.
  • The corner lot on Union and Franklin (820 Franklin) has been available for a little while now... I would guess that it'll rent out fairly soon however they aren't saying what the asking price is. It definitely seems like the first two blocks south of EP are starting to see commercial turnover. was another thread about a new restaurant wanting this space, then rumored to be looking farther south on Franklin. I'm too lazy to look it all up but I bet Whynot will do it. ;)
  • Whynot is focused on nearby Trivoli Tower. the guise (?) of doing repairs, and strictly enforcing the lease rules the owner has made this large building almost half vacant.When they arrive, the new tenants will support new businesses. However, no one knows just how long this will take, or exactly what preferences and means they will possess.
  • A request for a liquor license for 1045 Union, which is the building that houses 820 Franklin (mentioned above), was submitted to CB9 for consideration. I'm guessing the party that wanted to setup a restaurant/bar here is moving forward. They are applying for side walk seating as well…. It looks like it’ll be called the Union Cafe.
  • Any idea how many storefronts they will occupy?The entity I had heard about was going to occupy them all, and compete with the restaurant that will open in the base of the new condo [341 EP, NE corner of EP and Franklin]
  • Doesn't seem clear at this point what this is going to be. Details will be presented to CB9 next week. What's going in at 341?
  • 341 has not yet begun the liquor permitting process, but I have been told by someone who has seen the space that the space is pretty large and that is receiving high end finishes.....An "American style" sit down place, which looked like it sort of had an upscale TGI Fridays/Brew pub theme.
  • The above restaurant is no longer coming to 341, despite making a substantial $ investment in the space.

    Also above
    "Sept 2013:
    We are also seeing some residential buildings come to market, like this one at Franklin and Union:

    851 Franklin"

    Update: This building sold for $3.25M
  • "Whynot is focused on nearby Trivoli Tower. the guise (?) of doing repairs, and strictly enforcing the lease rules the owner has made this large building almost half vacant."

    The link for the Daily News isn't working. I did find this article about litigation against the current owner of Tivoli Towers.

  • the building on the NE corner of Franklin and Union is seeing lots of action.

    1059 Union,
    aka 829 Franklin, 831 Franklin, 833 Franklin, 835 Franklin


    Tenant advocates believe that the landlord should not experience increases above the rate set by the Rent Stabilization Board, while the LL clearly believes that s/he should be able to exercise their "property rights" in a way that results in higher rents.

    To my knowledge, the tenant advocates have not been able to prove the LL has done anything illegal. If they do have evidence of illegal behavior, they don't seem to have yet been able to get the city to do anything powerful in response to it.

  • Perhaps needless to say, this brings up the issue of "affordable housing", and the degree to which NYC (now under DeBlasio's leadership) is willing and able to protect it.

    "Is the city willing to forgo the benefits of having comparatively wealthy people, in exchange for the benefits of having comparatively poor ones?"

    This isn't simple matter of "more people want x than y, so lets choose x";

    Laws constraint the ability of the Mayor and others to implement their wishes.

  • This is interesting but not sure what it has to do with Maiman's Pharmacy anymore. Do you want some of these posts split off into a new thread that's more topical?
  • Sure. We have basically been talking about the "Changes Happening on Franklin between EP and Carroll".

    That could be a good title. Have fun sorting the various posts. Thanks
  • Total non-sequitur, but that apartment building on the corner of Franklin and Union is actually where Bobby Fisher grew up.  He later moved to an apartment on the southwest corner of Franklin and Lincoln Place.
  • @mcpoet great aside. I went looking for more info on the apartment on Franklin and Union, but could only find a brief reference on Wikipedia saying it was "inexpensive." I guess there's not much more to it than that!
  • Yeah, I only found out about it while watching a documentary on Fisher that came out in the last couple years.  It mentioned that he was living on Lincoln Place, so I googled it and realized that it was right on the corner of Franklin and Lincoln Place.  It was only after some digging that I found out that the original apartment was on Union, which was even crazier, as I could see that building right out the window from where I was sitting on my couch.  Here's an article that mentions the apartments. He was born when they were living in 1059 Union and then later moved to 560 Lincoln Place (Apt. Q).  The documentary was excellent, detailing both his rise to grandmaster, and his subsequent alienation, exile, and bizarre, conspiracy filled (generally anti-Semitic) interviews (which were all the more bizarre given that he was of Jewish descent).

    Here's the imdb page for the documentary:
  • Here's some more info about the present fate of the residents of 1059 Union St., and the demonstration that was hosted last week:

    Making room for new people with new money isn't a pretty process....
  • whynot_31 said:


    By the way, I wanted to point out (in case no one else has done so already) that recently this entrance at the Franklin Avenue station has been closed for renovations. Interesting.
  • I wouldn't draw any conclusions from that.

    ...the MTA has a schedule of when it will rehabilitate stairwells that is resistant to demographic changes.
  • You mean the renovation is just a coincidence? Too bad; it would have been an awesome selling point for prospective residents. :)
  • I know we like to think that people from the Midwest are gullible, but I do not think that they are SO gullible that they would believe the MTA cares about them.

    Plus, I would find such thoughts insulting if I were from the Midwest.
  • FYI--Over the last several days scaffolding has gone up around 1059 Union.
  • Uh, oh - this is getting ugly.

    Do the tenants have to take a buyout?
  • They don't have to, but life often becomes unpleasant if they don't.

    The deck is stacked against the tenants and their advocates.

    This isn't a case where "majority" rules.

    The LL takes the perspective of "we tried to be nice, you didn't respond".

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