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It's about time (Corner of Prospect Avenue and Reeve Place)

an anonymous tipster this week revealed that the former Crossroads Cafe space at the corner of Prospect Ave and Reeve Place will be a...

wait for it..

wait for it...

...a new BAR!!!

Details were sparse, but we know that the owners are experienced bar owners with popular bars currently operating in Park Slope and Carroll Gardens, and they are local Windsor Terrace residents. The opening date is currently anticipated for May or June so we will have to wait a few months for the neighborhood's 4th bar.

In the meantime chime in with you thoughts.

does the neighborhood need another bar?

what kind of bar are you hoping for?

booze and tap suggestions

thoughts for names


  • @slopestar did they give any indication of look/feel or demographics they are targeting?
  • As a side note, check out this 1958 photo of the building across the street from the Crossroads space (formerly Quintana's Pharmacy; now Bistro on the Park). The building hasn't changed much, but the block has:

  • Details were unfortunately sparse. 

    I was able to ascertain that the new owners do in fact operate two very successful bars, one in PS and one in CG. The for rent sign that was previously in the window listed the space as 700 sq ft, so that would predict a small and fairly focused venue (i.e., not a sports bar/cocktail lounge/steakhouse). Now guessing the particular focus, that's the tricky part. Given the location I could see a coffee shop/bar hybrid. The kind of place where you stop for a coffee in the morning and a beer in the afternoon, neither of which are current options in this part of the neighborhood. I think the vibe will need to be very open and welcoming, the kind of place where you can linger for a while over a single beverage and not feel like you are overstaying your welcome. Given the overall composition of the neighborhood, I don't see it drawing huge crowds of people who are just looking to go out and get completely blasted. I think the owners will need to find a way to develop a following by engaging neighborhood residents with regular events (e.g., trivia competitions, movie nights etc). For me personally, I would like the place to have good music and a solid selection of rotating taps, but I'm simple like that.

    The important question here is: What do you want to see happen in this space? 

    This is the purpose of neighborhood forums. I remember when Double Windsor was under construction someone started a thread here and the owners eventually took notice and listened to the comments and suggestions...

  • @slopestar you are right! - @rh or @dac545 may be able to comment on this corner.
  • Not I.. this is the wrong side of the park for my knowledge :)
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