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Bike Sale - Bikes are 25% off at Bicycle Roots - Ends March 20th

Hi, neighbors. Sorry to use this forum for self-promotion- please let me know if you think it's not appropriate. With this recent spell of nice weather I thought you might like to know that Bicycle Roots is having a big sale on BICYCLES. Here are the details:

At Bicycle Roots, all 2013 bikes are 25% off until March 20th. March 20th is the first day of Spring, and there's a good chance you'll want a new bike by then. If you buy now instead of waiting, you'd save $100 to $500 off the regular price. During this sale, singlespeeds start at $300, hybrids at $450, road bikes at $750. All our bikes come with free adjustments for life.

(Why "2013" bikes? Bikes have model years, just like cars. Usually the differences between model years are so minor that you would never notice them. Anyway, almost all the bikes in the store right now are 2013 models, so with only a few exceptions, all our bikes are on sale.)

Bicycle Roots is located at 609 Nostrand Ave between Dean and Bergen. (Chop Chop! Cafe Richol! Nostrand Ave Pub!) 
Hours: Tues-Fri 12-7, Sat 12-6, Sun 12-5 (We often open earlier and stay later than these "official" hours... just call ahead to check.)
Phone: 718-668-5224
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  • Sure, we are generally fine with promotion of businesses that are locally owned and operated, and judiciously posted (ie, don't do a monthly repost your zoomba calendar or country house for rent). If there's a heavy volume of promotional posts, we may move them to the Listings category (as opposed to the neighborhood boards) so they don't crowd out the non-promotional discussions. "Listings" is technically where the promotional posts are supposed to go.
  • Thanks for the pointers! I promise not the spam the board at all. Actually I'm really interested in all of the topics that this board covers and I check it every day for neighborhood news. I live in the neighborhood, too. - Nechama (Bicycle Roots)
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