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Hey, Brooklynian looks different today!

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We've got a new look, new features, and a snappy new comment system! Shout out and THANK YOU to @booklaw, @tateinbk, @smokin joe, @mamacita, @whynot_31, @homeowner, @mugofmead111, @newguy88, @goodprospect, @brookfetish, and everyone else who provided feedback over the past few weeks. Your input was invaluable in getting this off the ground.

Let's kick the tires and see what happens! Give it a try, and post any issues you have here.

Other new features:
*Mobile version - iPhone/android version that is actually usable!! Try it on your phone now.
*My Discussions - It highlights your discussions in one tab so you can find them easily
*Drafts - it saves your drafts as you type. When you come back later, you'll see a "My Drafts" thing pop up
*Private messaging/inbox
*Post Notifications - a fancy thing pops up if you are on a page and someone else posts to it.
*Real-time posting - click submit and it shows up pretty much right away.
*Email notifications - see in real time who's commenting on your posts. Don't worry, you can opt out if you don't love it.
*Rich text editor - buttons to easily add bold/italic, photos, web links, etc. It's not enabled now because it needs to be configured (it doesn't work on Chrome mobile so it needs to be selectively turned off).
*Split/Merge - not enabled yet. Other Moderator features too.

Wish list/future:
*Search (eh... not here yet. It's high on the list!)
*Link to open to the last comment in a given thread
*"like", voting, or thumbs up postings
*display categories menu bar for logged out users
*fix some of the pages are that broken. E.G. photos in one thread only show hot links saying "attached files." but once you click on them, photos appear in the thread. Please POST the URLs of broken threads so they can be fixed!
*Categories are disorganized - yes, they are just thrown in there for now. We need a drop down that shows all the forums when you hover over the top toolbar. Everything is on the right now, but could it be nested so it's more organized or at least in alphabetical order.
*make posting photos easier (upload photos directly)


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