Covenhoven turns 1 year old, throws itself a party, Friday March 27th. 730 Classon — Brooklynian

Covenhoven turns 1 year old, throws itself a party, Friday March 27th. 730 Classon

Oct 27, 2013

An entity known as Covenhoven has informed DOHMH that it would like to create a venue and that they would like an initial inspection at some point in the future. Heights/37524/Covenhoven additional details YET.


  • Can't divulge the details yet, but suffice to say it will not be a restaurant. Think: Bierkraft.

  • A Bierkraft could work. One of those places that just lets you fill up growlers would probably do well.

    Note to readers: Bars are inspected by DOH as well.

  • Josh B-

    A beer hall was previously conceived for this space, back in 2011, but never came to fruition.

    Do the same owners still control it?

    I hope they understand how long a lic can take.... They have yet to even begin the process at the CB level.

  • whynot: Yup, same owners. They're marching ahead with construction. Swing by on the weekends and say hey!

  • Dec 7

    I looked in today, and -yup- the owners were in there.

    Tables and chairs are visible. Construction tools are absent. It looks like they could open "soon"

    It looks like a website was registered with the same name back in May,

    I would have stopped in to say hi, but I had groceries with me and was in a bit of hurry.

  • Good eyes. We were doing an event there yesterday. Still slated for January opening, I think.

  • Hey folks: The new bottle shop and bar, Covenhoven, is chugging forward to opening. A wee bit of self-promotion, but they're doing an event for NYC Beer Week next Monday. Check it out here.  
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    Your beer arrived today. (Photo is upside down)

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    The photo feature is weird in that is seems to flip photos upside down if you load them right side up, or if you load them upside down.
  • FYI: The bar should be opening on Sunday.
  • Best of luck Josh!

    I think your strongest appeal is the shear number and variety of beers you will serve. In my mind, this "title" is presently locally held by Washington Commons.

    Covenhoven seems brighter and cleaner, and might attract a slightly different crowd.
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    Josh, is it too late to reconsider the name?

    Our neighborhood has a rich and...troubled history with businesses starting out with clever names.

    Kinky Krowns
    Skazzy Cafe
    God is
    Nouvelle Vag
    Minor Arcana

    have all either closed or changed their names (Vag to Vague) in the past few years. I fear for Friends and Lovers for this reason.

    It's not too late. Save yourself.
  • Josh, is it too late to reconsider the name?

    Our neighborhood has a rich and...troubled history with businesses starting out with clever names.

    Kinky Krowns
    Skazzy Cafe
    God is
    Nouvelle Vag
    Minor Arcana

    have all either closed or changed their names (Vag to Vague) in the past few years. I fear for Friends and Lovers for this reason.

    It's not too late. Save yourself.
  • What does the name mean?  I just looked up "hoven" and am in the dark how that relates to "coven" or beer..


    1. affected with bloat.


    disorder of ruminant animals involving distention of the rumen, the first of the four divisions of the stomach, with gas of fermentation. Bloated cattle are restless and noticeably uncomfortable and have distended left flanks. Bloat often occurs in cattle that have grazed young, lush legumes such as clover or ingested large amounts of concentrate rations. Though deaths have occurred, economic losses from bloat usually derive from reduction in milk production and weight-gain rate. Treatment involves administration of antifoaming agents and relief of pressure by passage of a stomach tube via the esophagus.

    There also seems to be a musician in Colorado who goes by Covenhoven..
  • I'm not actually the operator behind the project. Just helping out a bit.  

    The neighborhood used to have a huge farm by the name of Covenhoven. 

  • interesting -- that's a beautiful old map on the website and I'd love to see more of it if you happen to have access to the source. However, it's pretty confusing that it's upside down. 
  • +1 on the map.  I'd like to see more of it.
  • Another great historical name not to call your business: Leffert Lefferts's

    First off, isn't Covenhoven just the last name (of the property across the street) -- Nickolas Covenhoven?  And "hoven" apparently means courts/gardens/etc in Dutch.  So...Coven Garden?  Eh...

    (BTW, did the gardens belong to Leffert, Rem, or some common ancestor?)
  • Hey Hambone:

    Alas, I don't have the answers to the questions. There's a big ol' map hanging in the space that should handily answer your queries. The owners will happily chat.

    But hey, name, schmame: the more important thing is beer. And plenty of it. 
  • Name is fine.   Plenty of successful joints have much odder names.   In the end, offer a good value (some combo of service, ambience, selection, price) and you'll be fine.

  • When does Covenhoven open? This weekend? Looking forward to checking it out. 
  • They're planning on opening this Sunday, 4 p.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Covenhoven is open, at least according to Brownstoner:

    They have some shots of the interior too.
  • It's open now - and really really nice. I'm a neighbor and so happy to have this on my block. Have been missing having Chavella's (when it had 2 L's) on the block.

    Amazing - 250 plus beers, 16 on tap, super foodie pretzels, and, so far, super mellow. Beautiful. Local owner couple. They're going to show art.

    (I'm a longtime lurker and big fan of the board, had to comment as I was here drinking a stout and looking them up, saw this discussion about the name - I think it's kind of cool when you look at the map.)
  • oops. sideways Stout.
  • Welcome and good luck.  Nice to see a positive review, I'll have to stop by soon.
    I wonder if there'll be an accelerated revival of Classon as the area develops more (new construction plus 1000Dean.  The Classon is a nice addition, and already have Pete Zaaz, plus a decent amount of retail space that currently doesnt appear to be very productive.
  • I think with that other empty space on Park and Classon coming on line, there may be a chance to spark a little revival here. This may turn into a hyper-local retail strip sooner or later. I'll admit I still don't quite understand how Park Delicatessen is holding on. I didn't think the skateboard/flower market was that strong.
  • I have been watching "new" strip on the eastside of Classon between EP and Lincoln.

    The stores are opening and closing quite quickly, and seem to be mostly people new to retail.

    As a result of having experience operating another location, Benny's barbershop seems strongest.

    Once it opens, the Court Officers Academy should help out a lot.
  • I think about that 'new' strip a lot as I live on that block and walk by it all the time.  Benny's is indeed the stronghold, but even he has said business still isnt so good and he was contemplating a move to Franklin.  I think the new dry cleaners may have a chance.  Nouvelle Vag is just a matter of time, as is that antiques store.  Alphadi and Color Me Mine (or whatever) didn't have a chance. 

    What is the "Court Officers Academy"?  Is that what the former church property they're working on across from The Classon will be?  Those buildings are huge, I was hoping it would be a good quality school, but figured it'll be housing.  guess not.
  • Disregard, I just found old articles about the Court Officers Academy.  Wow, had no idea.  Time to open a luncheonette.  I wonder what it'll mean for the immediate area.  Will it deter crime?  Will it mean there are a lot of young new guys with chips on their shoulders acting like jerks.  Parking impact?
  • 16 beers on tap. About $7 each.

    ...and, briefly, a birthday for 7 year olds.

  • I searched for 'Brooklyn farm map' and found the relevant maps:

    Section 5 is the one this bar is in.

    Unfortunatley, the UI on the NYPL site is terrible, straight out of 1995 MapQuest. But they're really cool maps, and explain all the weird slanty lots around the neighborhood, as well as showing some fun facts, like that Grand Ave. was once planned to reach all the way to Eastern Parkway, fronting directly on the Museum— that would have been a grand view, indeed.

  • Stopped by there last night and had a great time. Extremely friendly owner (Bill) and bartender, and a great selection of beer both on draft and in bottle. They have an outdoor space ready to go when the weather warms up as well. Should be a very welcome addition to the neighborhood.
  • Owner tells me their official grand opening party is next Wednesday, March 26th.
  • Brooklyn Based confirms same:

    "1. Covenhoven

    Named for a colonial-era family farm estate that once stretched through Crown Heights, Covenhoven, which just opened on Classon Avenue, is a family affair. Owners Bill Pace and Molly Bradford live upstairs–the couple formerly ran an art gallery in the space. This spot is a combo tap room/bottle shop not unlike Park Slope’s Bierkraft, so you can choose suds from any of the sixteen tap lines, or browse the extensive selection of bottles, which are also available to go. Bartenders encourage tasting at least a few beers before settling in, and there are Pelzer’s Pretzels to soak them up. The space itself is beautiful, with a garage door that opens up to let in the sun–perfect for that time of year when it’s not really warm out but we’re all ready to pretend winter is over. Covenhoven’s grand opening party this Wednesday, March 26 at 7pm will feature an NYC tap takeover, with drafts from Bronx Brewery, Sixpoint, Dyckman Beer Co. and more local brews.

    730 Classon Avenue, between Park Place and Prospect;"
  • They are having a birthday for their one year anniversary, Friday, March 27, 2015.

    They have developed a loyal following.

  • Bump. That's tomorrow image
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