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Found dog in Prospect Park


From a friend's posting about this guy, who we found (lost or dumped?) in Prospect Park this morning. He had two nylon collars plus a prong collar and a metal leash on and was hard to catch due to his fear of people, but he would calm down with our dogs.  If you know his owner, the info below might help them get him back.  

Found this dog in the Nethermead Sunday morning, March 2, during off leash (just before 9am), running loose with leash and collars on him, rabies tag but no ID. Waited and asked around for a while. Walked him around, but not sure how long he's been loose or if he was dumped or just lost (others said they'd seen him running loose, unclear how long). Very slim, young (under a year?), intact. Gray with white markings, stripe on face, white chest. See pic. Very good/playful with other dogs, skittish with people, but very sweet. The vet on the tag is not open today. Unfortunately, I have 2 dogs, one is not good with him. With friends we took him to the 71st Precinct, 718-735-0511. They may take him to ACC in Manhattan (on 110th Street) because they said Linden location was closed today?? 


  • If this dog truly has an owner, I hope he's reunited with the owner soon. If he makes it to the ACC, his chances of getting out (alive) are very slim.
  • Agreed.  Everyone was telling us not to send him to ACC, but not one of those people was willing to take him.  It's sad, but at least he wasn't stuck out roaming in front of cars and in the cold.  They also all seemed to think any rescue would take him, but that's not the case.  I just wanted to post this here in case anyone who read Brooklynian might know the owner.  It's very likely he was dumped.  Lots of dogs have been abandoned around here lately. 
  • Update: The vet contacted the person whose rabies tag is on him, and they said they lost their dog's collar with the tag on it maybe a year ago. Their dog is with them, not lost, so that's a dead end.
  • This dog sounds like it came from someone who was too broke (disorganized?) to have it vaccinated and decided to use some other dog's credentials.

    As much I like my dog, it is ok to put an unwanted dog down.

    While sad, ACC exists for a reason....

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    you did what you could, with what you had.
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    It's very likely he was dumped.  Lots of dogs have been abandoned around here lately. 
    I agree it was likely he was dumped.

    This case seems a little worse than the owner who left his chow in front of a vet's office in the freezing cold (assuming that that owner did that hoping that someone would find his animal and help it).

    I know from personal experience it's a challenge to find a rescue that is willing to take your animal when you no longer can keep him/her; many don't seem to have the room! :( 

    If I could take him for a little while, I would. 

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