931 Carroll, between Franklin and the Shuttle tracks
  • Remember when we used to wonder when the area between Empire and EP was going to be further developed? That time is over.
    The subject property is a 52,896 buildable square foot development site with 135 feet of frontage located at 931 Carroll Street in Crown Heights. Ideally situated just south of Eastern Parkway between Washington Avenue and Franklin Avenue, this offering presents one of the few development sites of scale in the neighborhood. The 2,3,4 & 5 subway lines are 3 blocks away at Eastern Parkway and Franklin Avenue with direct access to Downtown Brooklyn and Manhattan in 10-15 minutes. The site sits just a half block from Prospect Park, allowing for convenient access to The Brooklyn Botanic Garden and The Brooklyn Museum, among other park amenities. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to develop near Franklin Avenue, Crown Height’s prime retail corridor, while recognizing all of the other benefits of Brooklyn’s most rapidly maturing neighborhood.
    OverviewBuilding Type:Development/Conversion SitesLocation:Between Prospect Park and Franklin AvenueBlock/Lot:1188/58Lot Dimensions:135' x 131'Lot Sq Ft:17,632Buildable Sq. Ft:52,896Zoning:R6AFAR:3

    PDF of listing

  • Is this the building directly across the street from the NYPD transit bureau office? Not a great location for a business, due to the lack of foot traffic (located on a dead end street), but it could make for a nice residential space. Having lived at Franklin and President for the last decade now, it's amazing to see how much is changing, especially south of the Parkway. There's been some more work going on in Bob & Betty's 2 lately (hopefully they'll open in the spring). The Owl and Thistle opened in their new location. Looks like Union Café is coming to the corner of Franklin and Union (not sure how things went at the community board meeting a couple night ago). If there's a clearer metaphor for gentrification than an old bodega covered in West Indian flags where old-timers hung out turning into a sidewalk café, I haven't seen it. There's going to be the new gym at Empire, a possible community center in the old armory on Bedford, etc., etc., etc.....The times they are a changin'......
  • Yes, this is but one of three sites in that immediate area that (once redeveloped) will make a huge impact.

    52k of buildable sq ft is substansial.

  • 931 Carroll won't have as large of an impact as some of the other developments that I am watching, but I am feeling generous today, and have added it to my list of developments in western Crown Heights that I am watching closely:   

  • Today, I learned that this property has sold.

    Unknown to me, it was a satellite of the Sea Crest site.

    It was listed for sale prior to Sea Crest Laundry bankruptcy, and used to be a garage for the trucks.

    It was listed and sold separately from the lots occupied by the plant.

    This site has almost 53,000 buildable square feet, the other site is expected to contain over 100,000 build able square feet.
  • Plans for the larger site were filed today with DOB:   http://www.brooklynian.com/discussion/39234/the-sea-crest-linen-site-46-crown-st-#Item_35

    I expect this site to be next. Here's a shot that shows a little more context
    Screen shot 2014-12-29 at 6.41.31 PM

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