"Mistah Metro" gives his dog a heart tattoo - Brooklynian

"Mistah Metro" gives his dog a heart tattoo

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Yuck. Apparently the bodywork was done on the dog’s right shoulder after a vet put the dog under.
A Brooklyn tattoo artist is sparking howls of criticism after proudly posting the latest ink work he did — on his dog.


  • gothamist had this too. this has me shaking my head...and why would the vet go along with it?

  • Good question. I think we're going on the tattoo artist's word that there was actually a vet involved.
  • Supposedly, the dog had his spleen removed and the artist asked the vet if, while the dog was under anesthesia, he could tattoo it. The vet said yes. I think tattooing of animals for identity purposes happens all the time but animals don't usually get tattooed with colored ink but instead use black or blue. Given this, the vet might not have seen this as a big deal.
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    Apparently the American Veterinary Medical Association frowns on the cosmetic tattooing of dogs. This statement by the tattoo shop is odd to say the least. "People are still offered jobs after being pedophiles, I don’t know why everyone is treating this kid like he raped a 12-year-old.” 

    This is a doubly odd statement in light of the fact that the shop just fired him. http://gothamist.com/2014/03/06/brooklyn_tattoo_parlor_fires_artist.php
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    Here's a question for you tattoo folks and pet owners. Does the hair/fur simply grow back over the tattoo of an animal? I only know of tattoos on cows and horses, which are usually on ears which don't have hair on them. I know that AC&C used to tattoo ID numbers on strays that they neutered. Any idea whether the tattoos remain visible?
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    I don't think tattooing causes scarring to the degree that a wound does. So, I imagine that the fur still grows on the skin that is now pigmented.

    My statement is based on an instance in which my dog (Dude), got into a scuffle that left a wound about the size of a penny. It took a little while, but fur grew back on that spot.

    He is a fur making machine.
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    @newguy88, here's the answer to the question. Apparently he didn't get fired, he quit - or something. Not sure what "laying low" means these days.
    The Brooklyn tattoo master who outraged dog lovers when he bragged about inking his pooch is now out of work over the stunt, his former boss said. Alexander Avgerakis, who…
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    While I wouldn't do it to my dog I don't see this as extremely harmful.  I don't like when people dye their dog's hair either.   

    Obviously he loves his dog, since he spent $$ on surgery but the press is trying to vilify him and he doesn't deserve to be.  That's his art form and he wanted to share with the dog he loves. 

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    @homeowner I think it means he is waiting for the media storm to die down so he can go back to work somewhere.

    On an unrelated note does he remind anyone else of Ziggy from the Wire? image
  • Obviously he loves his dog, since he spent $$ on surgery but the press is trying to vilify him and he doesn't deserve to be. 
    Maybe he should have thought twice before posting this to social media. 

    Has PETA caught wind of this yet?
  • I hear you mugofmead but shit - to track him down and make death threats.  His dog, his $ people should just mind their freakin business and worry about their own.  

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