Garish $1.3 Million Victorian in Ditmas Park is Garish — Brooklynian

Garish $1.3 Million Victorian in Ditmas Park is Garish

Somebody should do a photo shoot in here before it gets gutted/renovated. Would make a good album cover!

Sometimes, houses or apartments hit the market that haven't been updated in a while and they look very outdated—maybe they were fashionable...


  • It makes me wonder what all the other houses in the area look like on the inside.  The ones who don't open their doors for the walking tours of the neighborhood.  If I just spent $1.5million on a place in Ditmas Park I probably don't make as much as someone who bought a place at that price in, say, downtown Manhattan, because I see this as more of a forever-investment and not a place to live for now.  And therefore I probably have less decorating money.  That and the average heating bill in the area if $3k a month.  Yowza.
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