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What's new at Gen Sushi on Washington Ave?

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    just adding a photo of what the storefront looked like in 1950, vs today:

    659 washington

  • Ah, nice to hear about Gen again!  Haven't been in quite a while because I moved to Nostrand, but when I was on Classon I went semi-often.  Not the cheapest Japanese option in the area, but definitely one of the best in terms of food quality and service.  I've never had a bad meal, and every server I've had has been exceptionally nice.  I've never had their sushi because I don't like sushi (I know, I know, blasphemy!), but my friends tell me it's great, and I've seen it's preparation/presentation and it's beautiful.
  • Agree, cant really say a bad thing about Gen.  It's not the absolute best sushi in the city, but their prices are quite fair i think. It's pleasant inside, always great and friendly service, and they were super accomodating and sweet with my 2yo who was having (and loving) sushi for the first time.
  • I take my kids (4 and 5) as well. They've always been friendly. We'll definitely be back.
  • Yes, people do definitely frequent Gen.  The few times we've been there on a Friday or Saturday night, the waits were long.

    Even when I've gone for lunch on a weekday, the place is busy.

    Really can't say anything bad about it.  The sushi is very good, but the menu doesn't focus on it, so if you want something other than sushi, Gen is your place.
  • The one bad thing I'll say about Gen is that their delivery definitely takes a back seat to their sit-down service. At the restaurant they are welcoming and attentive, but delivery is slow, if you can get them to answer the phone, which can be a problem during busy times as well. Inaka on Vanderbilt is much better for delivery. 
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