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My Favorite Dentist is on Franklin Ave. and has affordable dental "Insurance"

I've had a lot of dentists and most of it was up at the Columbia Presbyterian Dental Clinic.  The last student dentist I had was the Wunderkind of the clinic.  I was still freaked out from all my time in dentist and oral surgery chairs and was pretty phobic and shaky.  The guy, Dr. Shahin, was really, really good with me.  He also did a lot of really excellent work including crowns, veneers, and implants.  Then he finished his residency and I figured he was gone.  I discovered last year that he is now working on Franklin ave at his own office, First Impressions.  I went to him last year and he is even more wonderful.  

I stepped in today and found out that his office is doing their own insurance type thing to make it all a little more affordable.  You pay a certain amount every month and then certain things are covered for free or for 50% or 80% depending on what plan you choose, up to a certain amount.  If anyone is looking for a good local dentist, it's completely worth checking it out.

(I know this sounds shill-y.  My only benefit from Dr. Shahin getting more business is the more patients he has the more likelihood he will stay in this area for a while.  I've also never heard of this small scale insurance thing and I love the idea.  He did not ask me to write this, and in fact doesn't know I'm doing it.  I've had a lot of sucky/meh dentists and I really want to keep the good one in my neighborhood.)


  • This is a great idea, but I would worry that the monthly fees would add up to more than what you would spend on dental services in a typical year.
  • There are two plan options.  The first one is $50 per month with an annual maximum of $1500.  The second is $25 per month with an annual maximum of $1000.  Both plans include unlimited check-ups, emergency exams, consultations, x-rays, and 100% preventative coverage.  The first plan covers 80% restorative coverage, with a 3 mo. waiting period for restorative.  $25/mo covers 50% restorative coverage and you have to wait 3 mo. for both restorative and preventative coverage.

    So if you have the $25/mo. plan you would benefit if you were going to spend more than $300 per year.  And the $50/mo. if you were spending more than $600.  My only caution would be maxing out the limit, but I have expensive hardware.  For the average person, I think good comprehensive care could easily work out to be $300 and $600 isn't out of the realm of possibility since it all adds up fast.  If you speak "Dentist" you could even check out his prices on his website.  
  • Do you think he's good with kids? I notice they take pediatric patients.
  • A different dentist comes in to work with the pediatric patients. I don't know her personally but was thinking of taking my own little guy there. She only comes in on Sundays right now. I think she's a professor up at Columbia Presp. so I am assuming she's good. Sadly the cool dental plan doesn't work for her, but she does take a number of other insurances.
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