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What's going up next to Golden Chopstick on Franklin?

There's three storefronts being renovated between Franklin and Sterling right now. The pizza place, the grilled cheese place, and the mystery store next to Golden Chopstick.

Anyone know what it is?


  • If you are talking about the place that used to be Fatima (the African restaurant that had few customers, then closed), it is supposed to become a casual american sit down place.

    To me, it sounds like a diner. ...but no one likes to describe their new restaurant as a diner, so don't quote me.

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    I think I am less than excited about this Docklands place than the grilled cheese place, not on the basis of food, but instead, because it didn't replace a something (I.E. A long standing drug mart) many worked hard to close. Meanwhile, Fatima slowly lost business as the neighborhood changed, and then (perhaps as a result) quietly closed.

    It is being replaced by Docklands, which (to me) is sounding like a "West Brooklyn version of TGI Fridays".

    You know: A little bit of everything, organically sourced, with beer.I'm sure it will do well.

    I might even like it....but I doubt it will taste better than a simple, over priced grilled cheese sandwich:

    For years, the NW corner of Lincoln and Franklin (aka 788 Franklin) was the site of open drug activity and violence that was pretty intense. I moved to the area in 2003, and can attest ...

  • I was super excited when Crown Inn opened and later, 739 bar. It was great to have some bars open up on Franklin where I could get a good craft brew. I love the growth on Franklin, but honestly I'm getting bored now of new bars on the strip between Eastern and Atlantic. I'd like for a bit more variety.

  • Franklin has certainly passed what I call the "starving and scared" phase.

    In this phase, a new group of people migrates into a neighborhood and then publicly wishes it was more like a neighborhood they wanted to live in, but (often due to economics...) couldn't.

    Often, it takes a few years for the business community, NYPD and neighborhood busy bodies to fulfill these desires.

    Then, another wave of change comes. Some people love the new wave, some people hate it, and my favorite people love to hate it.

    Like much of life, happiness depends on one's ability to come to peace with how much (and how little) power and control one has over their surroundings.

    ...personally, I am looking forward to Lincoln Station, because I hope it will have good sandwiches and fancy cheese: http://www.brooklynian.com/forums/topic/introducing-bar-corvo-the-best-new-american-spot-in-ph

  • I feared that this meant the end of Fatima. I had meant to get a lunch from there sometime, but now I have missed my chance.

  • And "Docklands," huh. Hopefully, the food will be better than at the actual Docklands :) but if they get some real bitter on tap, I'll definitely stop in.

  • I must admit, I am starting to become attached to my West Brooklyn Version of TGI Friday's analogy for Docklands.

    This is due, in part, because I am confident our peers will not patronize them if they make their servers wear buttons:

    But I digress.

    I ate at Fatima a few times. They provided a very affordable meal, in a florescent lit, formica setting. It is too bad that Fatima was unable to adapt to the formula the new places are using, with success:

    1. Beer

    2. Slightly upscale food

    3. Lightly finished wood tables

    4. Lots of money spent on interior lighting

  • The Voice's Robert Siestema thought Fatima was one of the best West African restaurants in the city: http://blogs.villagevoice.com/forkintheroad/2010/04/west_african_bu.php

    I'm no expert, but the food was goooood. I'll miss it.

    With respect to Docklands, the new owner (very friendly guy, often out in front of the site) suggested that Putnam's in Clinton Hill was something fairly similar to what he has in mind: http://putnamspub.com/

  • Putnam pub appears to follow the formula:

    1. Beer

    2. Slightly upscale food

    3. Lightly finished wood tables

    4. Lots of money spent on interior lighting

    So if he builds something like it, he will likely do just fine.

    Fatima was good, but always empty.... If you are going to serve affordable food in Western Brooklyn, you have to always be full to pay the rent.

  • I've been to Putnams and it's very nice. Good food, quick service, brunch, dinner, booze...If Docklands is anything like that, we're in for a treat.

    It seems that Franklin is changing faster than Vanderbilt did. Remembering how Franklin was 20 years ago, this change still seems unreal to me.

  • During my 36 years in Park Slope, and especially in the last 10-15 years, 5th Avenue changed from a shooting gallery (in both senses of the phrase...guns and drugs) to the heart and soul of this neighborhood. I wouldn't have believed anyone who predicted such extreme change. For that matter, the Slope itself changed from a funky, run-down place you couldn't persuade a taxi to take you to, day or night, to what it is today.

    Why shouldn't the same thing be possible for Crown Heights?

  • 789 Franklin Ave


    photo: yelp

    Docklands is supposed to have seating for 48 people, and feature casual American-stype sit down food.

    I've heard it will open mid summer. Full Liquor lic is presently in pending status: http://www.trans.abc.state.ny.us/servlet/ApplicationServlet?pageName=com.ibm.nysla.data.publicquery.PublicQuerySuccessfulResultsPage&validated=true&serialNumber=1271137&licenseType=OP

    Reliable source informs me it will have a A Children's Menu!

    Making it among first places on Franklin Avenue in CH to explictly welcome little ones....

  • I hope everyone realizes that once this neighborhood starts to explicitly cater to children in this way, it is only a matter of time before we start seeing high chairs in our favorite venues.

    I am ok with that.

  • whynot_31 said:

    I hope everyone realizes that once this neighborhood starts to explicitly cater to children in this way, it is only a matter of time before we start seeing high chairs in our favorite venues.

    I believe the parents are lost Park Slope is thataway.

  • If there is an enemy, it is us.

    "We" are having children, because we are now older and are not moving.

    "They" are bringing their children here, because the child has spent age 0-4 in a comparitively low rent area, or in a tiny apartment in a nice area that they have outgrown, and/or they now are willing/able to pay more to live in a district with "potentially good" schools.

    Those without children may not realize that the next wave of change is arriving, and it is uncontrollable as the former.

    Park Slope wasn't always Park Slope. Prospect Heights was not always Prospect Heights....

    (Cue Circle of Life theme song)

  • If there is an enemy, it is us.

    Indeed. I've been here for more than 10 years (my wife about five or so), and we're expecting our first child this fall.

  • Congrats JoshB!

    I have friends who moved into the Jewish Hospital buildings back in 2006, thinking that they would save up some $, and then be able to buy a place, and have a kids or two.

    However, due to soaring condo prices, they are staying put in their rent stabilized apartments and having kids there.

  • However, due to soaring condo prices, they are staying put in their rent stabilized apartments and having kids there.

    Ding ding. We're staying in the same three-bedroom floor-through apartment we've been in since January 2003. We can't afford to buy a comparably sized place.

  • People in your situation will change the local schools. Once enough change has occurred, it will begin to snowball.

    People who dislike dining in the presence of families can already be overheard stating:

    Person 1: Remember when Vanderbilt was cool, before places like Amorina were overrun with children?

    Person 2: Yes, remember when there was drug dealing at St. Johns and Underhill, near where the Blue Marble is now?

    In the not-distant-future I predict we will hear:

    Person 1: Remember when there were very few strollers on Franklin? Back before the building at the corner of Franklin and EP opened, and Docklands, and Stork?

  • The local schools are already changing - PS 705 got cited as an up-and-coming school in the NYT, and certainly the PTA members I saw at the Election Day bake sale seemed like the sort of parents who also made PS 9 desirable.

    I remember Vanderbilt before it was cool, when there was an old-school pizza place that made inedible pizza where Amorina now is. That wasn't all that long ago in the grand scheme of things. The change on Franklin, though, has been breathtakingly fast.

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    Yes, given the various forces at play, Franklin changed very quickly, and is about to change EVEN MORE when the effect of these developments take place:


    In my opinion, Docklands is wise to offer a children's menu and buy a few high chairs....

  • June 25, 2013: SLA lic still in pending status


    space holder website found.


    It seems it is going to go by Docklands Trading, not merely Docklands.

    If they remain consistent on their branding, we could have a storefront with these elements:

  • PS 316 at Classon/Sterling is actually great, my daughter has been there for three years, my wife is heavily involved in the PTA, SLT, and other school-centric tasks.

    Catering to children at local restaurants definitely bothers me... I may have two young ones, but we sure don't want to bring them with us when we get the rare opportunity to enjoy a nice dinner out. Amongst adults. That's the whole point of going out.

    Frikkin kids.

  • [readers: ntfool and whynot know each other and write this largely in jest until the place actually opens, and we actually know what it will be like]


    What I find frustrating is our inability to control the behavior and actions of others.

    For example, although I do not have kids, I like them. Despite this, I have found that I am largely not able to influence those with kids.

    You (on the other hand) seem to have children, but not like them. Despite this, you seem to be finding you are largely unable to influence those with kids.

    A third group exists: People who both have kids AND like kids. However, they tell me they encounter similar frustrations when they try to influence whether other people with kids take them out to eat.

    All of this has led me to conclude that the restaurants are taking advantage of our powerlessness.

    They offer chicken fingers and provide high chairs NOT in response to those who wish to dine with their children, but TO annoy those who don't.

  • Chavela's, Barboncino, and Mayfield have all had high chairs since their openings, to my knowledge (as my kid has sat in them). I think it's just that prime toddler time doesn't typically coincide with prime adult time, so it's not all that noticeable.

    I'm very happy to see 316 described as "great," seeing as how that may mean not having to move in a few years :) We've been here for 6 now and I'd hate to go.

  • When I ate there this weekend, I noticed that the new place (Cent'anni) also has a small children's menu.

    The area's change has been somewhat gradual, and the response by businesses has been similar.

  • Cent'anni was indeed kid-friendly. I went with my 22month old and a friend brought her 21month old. We're both the type of parents that control our kids, they're well behaved, and I give the stinkeye to parents who think a restaurant is their chance to let their kids loose and have others babysit them.

    For anyone who doesn't like kids, Franklin wont be to your liking in the years to come. Many young people coming in with kids, and many more sure to hook up, copulate, and have more kids. Wasn't long ago that Williamsburg was kidless, and now you see those 'hipsters' pushing strollers.

  • I have awoken this thread because it seems like Docklands and Hummus Station (two new sit down restaurants) are both going to open soon.

    And, in light of having no actual information, I think we should kill some time guessing which will open first.

    My money is on Docklands.

  • I'll say Hummus Station, mostly so whynot isn't just talking to himself

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    One's motivation is not always important.

    So, so far, we have 1 for Docklands and 1 for Hummus Station.

  • Lazy Ibis might be the dark horse, here

  • 1. An Ibis is a bird, not a horse.

    2. I don't think they will have sit down dining.

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    Aug 16:

    My mind realizes that it looks like we will have FIVE "reasonably upscale, sit downish places" open over the course of the next six weeks (by Oct 1st):

    1. This place, Docklands.

    2. The Classon

    3. Fez (aka Hummus Station): 

    4. Lazy Ibis: 

    5. G. Lee's BBQ on Nostrand: 


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    Make that 6, if Island CZ comes thru

  • Island CZ appears to be open. I walked by on Tues. evening and saw the lights on, tables set up, people inside.

    I hope they do well!

  • One of the Brownstoner writers was able to get some scoop on Docklands today (Sept 11):

    Brownstoner wrote: After nearly a year of renovation work, new-American bistro Docklands Trading is close to opening at 789 Franklin Avenue between Lincoln Place and Saint Johns Place. The forthcoming addition to Crown Heights’ restaurant scene plans to offer classic American fare like burgers and raw oysters and clams, as well as pasta, with five beers on tap. The owners also plan to serve Prohibition-era cocktails, such as sidecars, gimlets, and old-fashioneds.

    The narrow restaurant has a few booths on the left as you walk in, and then it opens up to a slightly larger bar area and another small seating room in the back. Despite the American-style menu, the name of the restaurant references the owners’ years working in finance near London’s Canary Wharf, an area now called the Docklands. They hope to open by the end of September or early October. Click through to the jump to see photos of the (almost) finished interior


  • Nov 20:

    1. Docklands is not yet open, and its liq lic is still in pending status.

    2. The Classon is not yet open, and its liq lic is still in pending status.

    3. Fez Hummus opened last week.

    4. Lazy Ibis opened two weeks ago.

    5. G. Lee's is to have a Soft Opening on Nov 24, and a Grand Opening on Dec 1

    6. Island CZ opened a while ago, but is struggling.

    Those keeping score should note that howncreights was correct in predicting that Fez Hummus would open before Docklands.

  • Dec 11th:

    Guess whose liquor license became effective yesterday?



    So, we should expect to see it open very soon.

    I sooooo hope they have Edison light bulbs, along with a children's menu.

  • My sarcasm detector is a bit off on the above post, but I do hope it is indeed child friendly. There are more than enough adult oriented places around here to keep me happy, and the changing neighborhood could use a few good family-friendly places. Barboncino is an example of a place that I think balances both well...accomodating to kids, but it never feels like an overrun romper room.

  • I actually don't mind children or Edison light bulbs.

    ...I like it when places attempt to do both.

    Pro tip: If you are going to cater to families with children, use the fake LED candles, not the real ones.

  • I'll disagree w/you on that one! My daughter quickly was taught candles=hot. Parents need to be responsible for their moppets. Along this line, I could be wrong, but I feel like kids in establishments along franklin seem better behaved/controlled than when I'm at places in Park Slope. I've been to barboncino/cent anni/mayfield many times, and barely realized that there were several little kids inside. The young adults were often the more annoying ones.

  • I guess it's time to fix the website:


  • We might see some activity on the website or the Facebook page


    before it opens, but a lot of places seem to skip those steps.

  • Dec 20th, website has been redone!

    Interior photos are also up on their website: http://docklandsbk.com/

    Looks nice!

    Note, of the six of the places discussed above, 4 have opened and the remaining 2 are now expected to open by Mid January.

  • The venue is now open for private events.
  • I have been told they will have their grand opening on Saturday, Jan 18th.Enjoy!
  • Yay! Have you seen a menu? Now if only The Classon would finally open to the public (its all set up and theyve had private events)
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    I have not seen Dockland's menu yet, and -so far- they seem to be only open on the weekends. The Classon is to open to the public in Mid Feb. 
  • I have yet to see any Grand Opening hoopla.....any one know when we can expect it?
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    The facebook url above seems to no longer function. They now use this one:https://www.facebook.com/789Franklin

    No info there.
  • There is a sign on the door saying that the Grand Opening of Docklands is March 18th. Apparently there have been a lot of "soft opening" events, but I think this is the official public opening.
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