Pitbull (tan with black) found on Mar. 21, 2014 in Bed Stuy — Brooklynian

Pitbull (tan with black) found on Mar. 21, 2014 in Bed Stuy

Not sure if anyone will see this posting soon since I know that Brooklynian are sending much older postings.  Not sure what went wrong with the site, pity. 
Anyway, she is about 1 year old and has been checked out by a vet.  Very healthy, but a little dehydrated.  She was found around Putnam and Grand on Thurs. by a friend of mine.  He is keeping her until he checks out shelters.  She is very sweet and clearly was someone's dog since she is very well behaved.  Please contact me at kellyk437 at yahoo dot com if you know someone who may have lost a dog recently or know of someone who wants to adopt.  She has been given her shots also.
I can even attach a pic. 
Why is this site so messed up now???


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    To attach a pic, click the little blue icon top left of the comment box.

    Or, send it to me in an email and I'll get it posted. I've sent you PM with my email.
  • I suspect that the photos you sent me were too large to upload.    I've posted them on on a 3rd party site, and readers can click on the photos to see her.

    About 45lbs.    Good looking dog:


  • Wow, she's looking a little skinny in the third pic. Yet, what a friendly looking dog. I wonder how long she was out in the street.
  • No idea.  My friend who found her said that she may have been abandoned.  He has lost all faith in humanity.  He has paid good money to have her checked out by the vet, vaccinated, and is feeding her very well. 
    I have met her and she is very sweet.  It is such a shame that a beautiful dog like this was left on the street.

  • Aww poor baby. Just let your friend know that while he may have lost faith, he has renewed mine by taking this little girl in. Maybe Fido Brooklyn can help you with the process. Sometimes fate brings us together -maybe they were meant to be ;).
  • Stacy - here is the reality.  Unfortunately, most of the shelters are filled to the gills with dogs (and cats).  They can only suggest shelters that are no kill.  The vet said that if the animal is friendly, is not old and has no problems, they make every effort to adopt them.  It's a tough world out there! 
    My friend has a rescue dog already so he cannot possibly take another one.  This dog would be perfect for anyone.  She is gentle and kind.  I wish I could take her but I have three stray cats...and one outside for good measure. 
  • I just want to let everyone know that the dog has been adopted!  She was such a sweetheart, not surprising.  She was one of the "lucky" ones!
  • good job!

    Yes, there are so many well behaved "used" dogs out there that I know I will have no problem finding a good one when mine passes away.

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