Woman hit by stray bullet on Eastern Parkway and Bedford - Brooklynian


  • eek... scary when it is somewhere you walk on a daily basis, and a pretty major intersection (not some side street).
  • I take some limited comfort in the time this shooting occurred: 5 AM.

    Gunshots are still pretty common; they just don't make news or the crime statistics when no one is hit.
  • I'm off Lincoln and Nostrand and have heard gunshots close by 2 night in the last week, so you are right about them being common.

    Maybe I'm naive, but the difficult thing is I feel pretty safe around here at almost any hour, day or night. Everyone seems to be minding their own business and foot traffic at least makes you feel like you won't get jumped out in public. I've felt more uncomfortable in lots of places in Williamsburg.

    If random gunshots don't get reported, I'm curious how often they really happen around the different areas in Brooklyn, curious about Manhattan as well. I have friends in Ft. Greene who have been there since the early 90's and they still say they hear the occasional gunshot.
  • Without implementing a technology like shotspotter, it is really unknowable.


    Counting on humans for data re: gunshots is problematic because they are not able to accurately discern which sounds are gunshots, or their proximity.
  • Neither is Shotspotter, from what I understand.  

    I get the impression that our PD isn't really the sort that goes out of its way to find problems.  If there is gunfire and no one calls them, I suspect they're just as happy not responding.  
  • For what it's worth, the incidence of gunshots in this neighborhood has fallen off the charts in the last four years we've been here.  I don't hear them much at all anymore.
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    Yes, the reasons we don't have shotspotter are not limited to financial.

    ...and gunshots are far more rare than they once were.

    I have a relative in Memphis, TN who hears them almost every weekend. On walks, he picks up spent cartridges because the police don't bother.
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