Wow sucks today I am a renter! This landlord wasn't budging. — Brooklynian

Wow sucks today I am a renter! This landlord wasn't budging.

Today Me and my mom try to rent a place. We like the place. So I offer to fill out form etc... The landlord wanted all 3 info.

I told them I alone would qualified and be responsible for my parents etc.. he insisted on all 3 ss# paystub etc.. I told repeated to Him he could get mines only. but guy refused. I told him if he change his mind. he could have mines alone.

Why as a landlord you ask :p am i renting. One house is currently under renovation. Current place we are living in is being sold by the end of the month. The place we are moving into eventually still under contract(1 year lol long ass wait).

Sucks ass being a renter.

I really wanted to tell the guy don't worry man I own plenty of places!!! but he thinks me some loser etc.. with long hair no real job etc.. :p


  • Are you coming to the gathering on September 3rd or not?

  • if the reno finishes by then :p i'll drop other wise. too tired and stinky to be around with.

  • I haven't seen your reno, but let's assume there is no way it is going to be finished by then.

    That is no excuse not to come.

    yes, please shower first.

  • If i can't make it, i'm sure I'll make the winter one(i likes winter ones better anyway :p)

    its estimated to be done hopefully too by mind sept.

  • You should shower, regardless of whether you will be coming.

  • showers are for sissies and girls :p.

  • There's nothing sissy about a guy showering with a girl.

  • When I was in college, there was an environmental group on campus. They had an entrance exam of 1 question, 'how would you go about saving water?' The correct answer was to shower with a friend.

    This was really submitted by Mrs Whynot, but she is too lazy to log on.

  • I likes to keep my manly smells!

    if she is paying for the water bills sure why not!!

  • I thought the way to save water was going by the old saw, "if it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down."

  • PragmaticGuy said:

    I thought the way to save water was going by the old saw, "if it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down."

    It's also a great way to piss off your roommate. For maximum roommate angering don't shower as well and further save water by chucking dishware in the trash when dirty.

    Back on topic sometimes landlords are absurd about what they want before they will rent out an apartment. I almost walked away from my current apartment over the financial documents they wanted from my guarantor.

  • Is this guy for real?

  • Me or the Landlord? true story.

    anyway found a place smaller than the one we wanted but less hassle. even paid the landlord extra so we could move stuff in earlier.

  • washing shit at the laundry mat sucks ass.
  • Welcome back, Armchair!
  • :pI'm sorta back, i'll post when I'm not busy. living in someone else property sucks ass.
  • AW-
    How many buildings do you now control?

    Do you still only buy buildings that are less than 6 units, to avoid rent stabilization drama?
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    5 including the one I'm working on right now. I buy anything that i can put value in without tenants. Just the nature of nyc. I don't like to deal with other peoples tenants.

    when I'm done :p, i'll make sure I'll post here first lol to let anyone have first crack( same goes for my current tenants and old tenants or their friends if they are interested)  on the top floor of where I'll be living with my parents. it's in Astoria.
  • From what I recall, you have 3 properties you lease out.

    Do you just constantly flip 2 more? Are you striving for 10k profit in 30 days, or have you moved up the food chain?
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    I never flip. i just buy and rent out.

    While we sold my parents house, we were renovating another house. That one been all rented out. Now we just literally got the Astoria house. Once done. we will rent it out and live in one of the units.

    Honestly I wish i flip the first two lol. spent way too much money and still needs alot of work constantly cause of crappy contractors.
  • So, your financial survival is completely dependent upon having tenants that pay their rent?

  • yes, I had alot of good tenants over the years. I would be screwed if they stop paying rent. The banks will take them back if that happens.
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    So 5 properties, each with 5 units = 25 units?

    If everyone pays their rent, and you have only routine maintenance this year ...what is your potential profit after taxes, mortgages, etc?

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    lol :p with each investment they don't lend me as much.

    in order of purchase:

    1.6 family
    2.3 family
    3.2 family
    4.2 family
    5.2 family

    I can't afford anything expensive. I always wanted larger units bigger bank for the buck. but can't afford those.

    My only problem same problem me and my family started out with is. We start from a very low economic base. My dad works in a restaurant, mom sweat shop. me and bro drove vans.

    We literally pooled all our money into that first property.

    after that we just refinance that building for the next etc... banks just don't lend us money. If i had money I would of done more for less.
  • The first two was learning experiences. the rest I put alot more things into what i learn from the first two buildings.

    Like sound isolation between the rooms :p. roommates always bitch about the noise thing. I learn to spend extra money to isolate the sounds between the walls.

    by the 3rd one was a test case lol. 4th one I think the sound isolation is better than the 3rd. 5th one should be even better :p.

    I also learn to do just plain white instead of fancy colors from the first two lol.

    also make sure I was there at the renovation unlike the first two. this way i can make sure some things are done right(well mostly).
  • So, 15 units.

    Are all in gentrifying areas? Or, are some of them in less risky places like Midwood?
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    where ever I could get a good deal :p.

    1.prospect heights
    2.park slope point
    4.sunnyside long island city border area
    5. astoria.

    Before purchasing any of these. I had made offers in williamsburg, bushwick, greenwood heights, sunset park, long island city, clinton hill, fort green, kengsington, bococa, harlem, washington heights, gowanus and few other places i can't think of names lol. mostly around brooklyn and some in queens and rarely in mahattan.

    some of them went into contract too but something always goes wrong. like the seller would wait till the last min and drag it along till they get cash buyers or bank won't lend or tenants won't all move out as agree asking for even more money etc....

    the worst ones are the ones the realtors won't tell the truth. like they agree to selling price. the lawyers and realtor would tell me oh.
  • Do you ever let the existing tenants stay?

    ...seems like it would sometimes be cheaper than having the prior owner pay them to leave.
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    I just don't want to deal with NYC tenant laws. I always paid the landlords more for them to get it vacant. Many places wasn't brought cause they couldn't delivery etc..

    this is from experience, you could give people chances and you'll get burn and lose tons of money over it.
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    Armchair, you may want to move some of this topic to a private discussion. Not sure how anonymous you want your profile to be? (Just ignore me if I'm being overprotective! haha!)
  • oh don't worry, I know some of my tenants read this lol.
  • I don't perceive him as stating anything that makes him unique.

    Most buyers of multi family properties are willing to pay a premium for (or make the deal contingent upon) the property being delivered vacant.

    In other regions having a property occupied with a loyal residential tenant is seen as an asset, but this is not always the case in NYC given the pro-tenant nature of the laws.
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    I have tenants who treat me like a person, I always renew the lease. but some native nykers who grew up here they some how view me as something else. I don't bother with those tenants. they are rare but they don't realize we are people too.

    This whole system in nyc has made people not talking to each other. can't even be nice to tenants cause they can use those examples of you being nice to them in court. oh you accepted this and that. so the judge will let it keep going cause you allow it before.

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    In some ways, the court only intervenes in situations that it believes will result in violence without its intervention.

    So, yea, any sign of getting along is taken as a sign to the court that they can move on to a more pressing matter.
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