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New Businesses along Vanderbilt Ave

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What type of new businesses would you like to have along Vanderbilt Ave? What if space was limited to, say, less than 300 S.F.?


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    That's an interesting challenge. I am adding potentially financially viable to the question, and assuming that the landlord will allow food:

    1. Take out Gyros/falafel.

    2. Frozen yogurt, that is less expensive than Ample Hills' ice cream.

  • Butcher shop.

    I'm going to second whynot's quest for gyros/falafel, and expand it to decent Middle Eastern. The few times I've tried to go to Zaytoons, the hookahs have given me a headache.
  • My vote is always going to be a butcher shop.

  • I too would love a butcher here (maybe Pisano's can open one here [ever so hopeful])
  • 300 sq ft is a very small butcher shop.
  • 300 sq ft.  Does that include customer area AND kitchen? hmmm

    We need more quick eats open late.  Stocked is good quick dinner that's closed by the time many younger workers make it back to the hood.  Maya Taqueria is an option that lacks draw these days because its atmosphere is so old brooklyn.   Make a fun little food counter a la Kimchi Taco, stay open late and you'll have a line out the door.   Just cultivate the aesthetic as precisely as you do the cuisine.  

    Remember that golf themed bar on vanderbilt last year that lasted 6 months?  I heard the food was great there.  But who wants to set foot in that?  I'm just saying, make something that 'adds' to the street and customers will reward you!
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    Maya Taqueria is an option that lacks draw these days because its atmosphere is so old brooklyn.   

    I don't understand what this means can you please clarify?    
  • Fried chicken and waffles. Quality stuff like Rosco's in L.A., not Kennedy Fried Chicken garbage.
  • I'll add creperie also.  Sweet and savory. 
  • Hey Stacey,
    Maya has delicious food, but not a very hip feel.  And my only point was if Maya looked like Pequeno or Chavella's or Chuko or any place with a more thoughtful design people would go there more.  Not saying that's how it should be, just positing that that's how it is in brooklyn today.
  • Thanks for clearing that up.  Now I understand what you meant.  Don't agree, but I understand now :) 

  • @pohola welcome... now tell us what you're putting in the space ;-)
  • Most if the suggestions we have provided have been too large.

    Some of the coffee shops around are that small. The Wedge cheese place is that small.
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