Bodega at 718 Franklin (at Park Pl) is being gutted.
  • It looks like it is getting a major upgrade.

    Construction guy says nothing will be kept, and that it will be upscale when it returns in a few weeks.

  • Are the same people coming back or new ones? I was told by a neighbor that the Dominicans had been priced out....I always liked them and would be sad to see them go.

  • Being that today is the 1st of the month, it would not surprise me if the tenants were new.

    Construction guy was not interviewed well by me....

  • Wow. This block will soon be completely gentrified.

  • yup.

    Here's what it used to look like:

    photo: google

    I'll try to remember to post a post renovation photo in a few weeks.

  • Oh no. Where will I get my cheap tall boys of Coors Light?

  • Well, the owner (Maria) and her husband have reportedly already opened a replacement location in Bed Stuy.

    ...but I am sure you don't need to go that far.

  • just to give readers some perspective, here is what the storefront next door, 720, used to look like, and looks like now:


    photo: brooklynexposed


    photo: brownstoner

  • Rumors are swirling that this former bodega, located on a really high profile corner in a neighborhood that will be EVEN MORE DIFFERNT A YEAR FROM NOW, may become a bank branch. I do not know how valid these rumors are.

    ...anyone know the owner of this building?

  • Update: A friend who knows the owner states that it is going to return as much more upscale bodega/deli, one which is actually operated by the owners of the building.

  • Oh, that's good, it was/is one of the few bodegas on my way to the train.

  • Have any of you posters that are around Franklin during the day, witnessed construction on this storefront since it was cleaned out?

    It does not seem to be listed on any realty site, which makes the account I heard from my friend about the owners taking it over and doing something with it themselves, seem credible.

  • ^ walked by mid-afternoon today and the door was open, the northern wall was stripped down to bare brick, and there was work going on inside.

    bare brick definitely doesn't make me think "bank branch"

  • Has had anyone had a chance to look in on thier progess recently?

  • <--- responds to self

    Sept 20: I got a chance to look in today. It seems as if a new cement floor has been poured, in addition to exposing the brick.

  • But they didn't say what they were going to make? My money is on "slightly nicer bodega"

  • oops you already confirmed that's what it was going to be. Well, I stand by my prediction then.

  • I hope it has a lot of take out, prepared foods.

    I would also like a few stools, so eating inside while looking out the window is possible.

  • October 13, 2013

    Display shelving was being assembled and trucked in today.

    Lots of fun with Birch plywood!

  • Now open.Not fully stocked, still needs an awning. They have those chrome racks, and it wouldn't surprise me if they stock Carrs crackers.
  • Looked pretty depressing and uninviting when I walked by this weekend. Hopefully they're just starting and more work and refinement to come.
  • I'm with you, work is happening very slowly.

    The storefront still needs an awning, and they still had some vacant shelf space this weekend.

  • New to the site but wanted to mention something about this corner store - I've been about four times - two times I've had conversations with the nice, very polite man behind the counter about what he has casually been referring to as some kind of imminently catastrophic event, that he alleges will take place on April 4th of this year. He theorizes that it's got something to do with "the Jews," whom he claims run the world, and are unfurling some plan that eventuates in the collapse of the US dollar, and as such the global economy as it exists today, civilization, etc... I've had similar conversations with a billion other people in the city so I'm not exactly foreign to the experience of waxing conspiratorial with my fellow man (playfully or otherwise), but I'm concerned nonetheless. Anyone else experiencing these talks or do I just preternaturally invite this kind of stuff?
  • I guess some people seem friendlier than others and invite conversation. All kinds of conversation.

    My favorite conspiracies are the ones that come up unexpectedly from really kind, genuine neighborhood people that you already chat with. It starts off like "why yes, this weather sure is great", and "oh sorry, go ahead and pet him, my dog is really friendly", and "oh, that's good that the deli is open so late" and then you're like "man, I guess I didn't know that about the Jews".

    That being said, there's still enough time to transfer some of your money into foreign currency before April 4th, you know, just in case.
  • That's interesting to know.  I'm Jewish, I think I'll go in and chat with him until he starts telling me the conspiracy, at which point I'll look surprised asking "how did you find out about our plan?!  It's true, we're finalizing the last details, and moving all our money to a secure account which will be the only one that is safe.  If you want, I can hold your money for you until April 5th."

  • Ms Whynot is Jewish, but I am not.

    It amazes me that she would not tell me.

    Returning to the bodega, does it now appear fully stocked?
  • lifeofjangus, goldemi,

    While messing with the guy sounds funny, I think that the boring, but ultimately the kindest thing to do would be to tell the guy not to worry. If he's stuck working in the store all day and doesn't get out much to interact with people besides "hi, here's your change" he may well have convinced himself that the conspiracy is true and when April 3rd comes around, he will be very anxious for no reason.

    Do the right thing. If you want to have some fun, make a bet with the guy that the conspiracy is not true. When April 5th rolls around, you'll have a laugh with him and get a free soda or something.
  • grwd, i was joking of course. Your idea is the rational fun one.  I more or less just feel sorry for the paranoid conspiracy theorists. Especially when the day comes and goes and they have to (maybe) actually question their beliefs. 
  • That's a good tactic. I've been generally cordial with the guy because he's nice, and he claims that he drinks a Coors tall boy every single night before going to bed. In some strange way it's probably better that he's so open about his conspiracy theories, otherwise who knows what kinds of heinous thoughts he could be harboring behind that friendly smile.

    As far as how well-stocked the place is, it's looking better every couple of weeks. They asked me what beers I liked to drink and I told them cheap ones, but I'm sure they'll have the usual selection of Magic Hats/Stones et al - haven't checked the back fridges lately. 
  • Just bought a bottle of water here (come in from time to time though the shelves are still not fully stocked) and the owner casually used the n-word in conversation.  I won't be back.  I miss Ray (the owner of the previous establishment).
  • Sounds like a genius.  He sets up in Crown Heights and has crazy Jewish conspiracies that he freely shares with customers, and uses 'nigger' openly?!  This doesn't bode well.
  • I am just pointing out tomorrow is April 4th; This all may be moot.
  • I'm running in there yelling "the banks exploded! Money is worthless!"
  • grwd said:

    My favorite conspiracies are the ones that come up unexpectedly from really kind, genuine neighborhood people that you already chat with. It starts off like "why yes, this weather sure is great", and "oh sorry, go ahead and pet him, my dog is really friendly", and "oh, that's good that the deli is open so late" and then you're like "man, I guess I didn't know that about the Jews".


    I work at 7 WTC.  Which 9/11 Truthers have long had a serious boner about for whatever idiotic reasons. Whenever the "where do you work?" question comes up, I'm happy when people just say, "cool" or "ok" or whatever else.  Because whenever the response is "oh, really..." or "interesting..." I know I've encountered another one of those morons and that it's time for me to begin shutting down the conversation so I can get away from them.
  • Happy April 7th.

    I believe we are all still here.
  • I dunno.  You smell that fire coming?   Beginning of the end, just a few days late.

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