Purity Diner to become L.A. Burrito Bar?
  • "L. A. Burrito Bar III" has applied for a kitchen inspection at 43 underhill avenue, the current location of purity diner. 
    The other locations in williamsburg and bushwick have middling reviews, but they seem to do a brisk enough delivery business to be expanding: 

  • Today, Purity diner on Underhill was closed and a contractor was in the space.

    He was installing a new glass entrance door.
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  • Wow, burritos must be big business around here.  We've got Maya, Muertos, Pequena (for a sit-down place) and now LA Burrito.

    I don't have much experience with burritos.  Being a northerner, I've been told that every burrito I've ever had was middling at best.  What I don't get is why someone can't do a truly amazing burrito place around here that's going to satisfy the connoisseurs.  The ingredients must be available.
  • 1.  Maya
    2.  Muertos
    3.  Pequena
    4. LA Burrito

    Here are some more: 
    5. Yummy taco, 
    6. Gueros, 
    7. The place that is going to open on Nostrand, Chika  
    8. The place is going to open on Franklin near EP, 
    9. Mexican place with hookah on Franklin.
  • We forgot Chavelas.
  • Yup.    

    When we include Chavela's, that's 10 mexican places (already open or in the works), located in the square defined by EP, Vanderbilt, Atlantic and Nostrand.

    That's a lot of mexican food.

    10.  Chavelas
  • Franklin Avenue needs a quick, cheap take-out burrito place like Maya. Gueros and Chavela's are sit-down places w/ focus on other types of Mexican food.
  • There's a difference between "Mexican" and a big ass west coast burrito. I'm hoping for the latter.
  • In terms of Franklin Ave, I believe this place (number 8, above) will meet your needs:

  • This is bad, very,very bad
    (for my waistline that is)
  • Now open.


  • To say that I wasn't a Purity fan is an understatement. However, I'm a little bummed this is yet another burrito/Mexican place. Would have loved to have had a good diner there, but there's always The Usual.
  • We forgot one:

    11. Citrico just opened on Washington Ave, near Way Station.

  • L.A. Burrito, at least in Williamsburg, wasn't particularly good. Taqueria de los Muertos and Maya are both far better.

    PS: It isn't being a northerner but a northeasterner that has prevented you from experiencing excellent Mexican food— Chicago, for example, has a huge Mexican population and a lot of excellent Mexican food. 
  • Ms Whynot has successfully convinced me that Kimchi Taco should be included. 

    This means we have 12 Mexican influenced places in the area formed by Vanderbilt, Eastern Parkway, Nostrand and Atlantic.

    12. Kimchi Taco, on Washington
  • Los Muertos has gotten significantly worse by my estimation despite the numerous additional Mexican/burrito places in the area.
  • What about Burrito Bar on Flatbush. It's technically PH too ; )
  • I don't walk my dog on Flatbush. It is therefore not in the neighborhood. :)
  • When I walked by, the inside looks EXACTLY the same (the same layout).  Are they, in fact, a different set of people?
  • Yes.

    I believe it is accurate to state the staff of LA Burrito is decidedly "more Spanish speaking" than was the Purity staff.
  • BTW, I think Yummy Taco, the one at Flatbush and 6th, is going away.
  • The one on Flatbush has gone away, and was not included in the above count.

    I counted its new location on Washington Ave.

    My universe for this thread is the rectangle formed by Vanderbilt, Atlantic, Nostrand, EP.
  • I don't even bother with burritos in our hood. Chavela's is the only passable Mexican I can find. Their pork and fish tacos are spot on.
  • I'll tell you one Mex joint we can stand to lose.....

    LA Burrito. 

  • My bet is that Vicente's (on Franklin) will disappear first.

    ....I think it will leave us in a puff of non-tobacco hookah smoke

  • Yes, I totally forgot about Vicente's!  That is definitely the front runner to call it a day, unless they're actually a front for something more interesting than non-tobacco hooka mix.

    But sure, I'll take that bet.  

    See you back here.  

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