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Docklands is Finally Open

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  • Now open.

    Menu can be found here:

    Click on the drink or the chicken for actual menu.
  • They miss-spelled dessert on their menu.  Ooops.  They should remember it's two esses because you want more of it, unlike that arid place with cacti.  
  • And souffle. And the names of several draft beers. Oof. Those menus are a minefield of typos. 
  • Yeah, their spelling of Weihenstephaner made me laugh.. not that it isn't a difficult one but there were so many mistakes within the one name... and also, the internet exists.. so mistakes really are very avoidable..
  • The sign on the front window also says they are open from 4pm-12pm some days.  Which would be pretty unique hours.
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    Their website indicates that they will initially just be open for dinner.

    I am getting a whiff of disorganization. Hopefully my nose is incorrect.
  • I went there last week. The place looks great and the staff is really friendly. Service was quick, although the bar staff definitely seemed like they were still getting their act together. The menu is pretty small right now, and the only two entrees on the menu are fancy seafood dishes. I hope they add a good burger to the menu.
  • This just came out 2 days ago:

    Ex-financier Kwhame Gittens opened his new American bistro, Docklands, last Tuesday on Franklin Avenue between Lincoln and St. Johns in Crown Heights. When we last wrote about Docklands, its owners thought they were close to opening back in September. No
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    BTW, I met the owner recently. He said he reads Brooklynian, and will use spell check next time.
  • I think there should be a general 4 week get-your-act-together grace period given by consumers, especially in this neighborhood where so many of the new businesses are started by first-time business owners. During that period of time I usually don't frequent the business so I can let them work out the kinks before I spend my money there. Of course, if everyone did that the places wouldn't be able to survive the first weeks, so don't follow my lead!
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    The owner said he deserved being made fun of for not spell checking, but has yet to read anything bad about his food or service.

    ...making me believe he takes pride in what counts, and suspecting he will do well.
  • The new menus are better, but the spirits list could still stand a seriously spellcheck. To help out, fix: Tequilla, Marker's Mark, Liquers, Jim Bean
  • I stopped by for Happy Hour on Friday and had a mixed bag of an experience.  I don't want to be too hard on a new business that is still working out the kinks, but stepping up the hospitality and offering a more competitive happy hour would go a long way.  After one glass of wine and some oysters (which are $1 each, not free as reported in the Brownstoner article), I moved down the street to a comparable restaurant/bar with 50% off drinks & discounted food items.  But Docklands has done a beautiful job with the design & decor of this space, and I would come back to give them another try when they have had a chance to polish things up. 
  • Ok, so the same day I posted that about my "grace period" I ended up going here because Barboncino had a 90 minute wait and it was too late to think about walking much further (lest my fiancee and our guests descend upon me and eat me out of sheer hunger rage). Anyway, it was good, but not great. The employees were super friendly, the design/interior was impeccable, the music was mid-90s east cost hip-hop (someone was really digging in the crates for a few of the songs--I almost asked what Pandora channel or whatever they were using). But the food was average, and certainly would not be able to stand up long-term to the likes of Barboncino, Mayfield, or Centi-Anni, without some revisions. There were actually a couple stand-out items like the wings and the burger, but some of the seafood items (which is supposedly their specialty) seemed lacking. Anyway, I'll likely go back because I hate to judge restaurants in their early days. I'm sure they can get better since they did so many other things right.
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    Ms Whynot and I stopped in for lunch today.

    It was yummy, and busy despite just opening for brunch last weekend.

    We could not help but think that Docklands offered an experience very similar to some places on Smith Street.

    Update March 2015: This business is now listed as being for sale

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