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Monday Evening NYPD Helicopter Flying Low

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Over Saint Marks, Vanderbilt. Hard to see beyond the rain clouds, but low and loud. Any idea why?


  • They're circling around Newswalk (535 Dean) right now.  Three cops with flashlights are searching under the cars parked in the city lot across the street; another patrol car is searching the garage under the Newswalk building. 
  • According to Gothamist:

    Escape Perp | 620 Atlantic Ave Brooklyn, NY | 4/7/2014 6:40 p.m.
  • There was more than one helicopter. Lots of cops on underhill too.
  • Cops just came into the house I'm at in Fort Greene. Checked the house for him. Apparently he's wearing handcuffs and jumped over a small fence before getting away
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    Here's the full MNS "burst":

    4/7/2014 6:40 p.m.|-73.9752303,40.6831182|Escape Perp |POLICE| 620 Atlantic Ave <br> Brooklyn, NY|BROOKLYN: *ESCAPE PERP* 620 ATLANTIC AVE, PERP M/B ESCAPE FROM RMP STILL HAVE THE CUFFS. LEVEL 1 MOBILIZATION CALLED IN REGARDS (c) [MNS257]|1396910402|MNS

    Which I understand to mean that a male, black escaped from a police vehicle while still wearing handcuffs.

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    I suspect Darnell Thomas will be pretty quickly caught.

    ....Given the circumstances, he seems at high risk of being "roughed up a bit" in the process.
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    He picked a nasty night to run. You can't make fools of people and not be prepared for a bit of payback. Not gonna be pretty
  • What exactly is criminal mischief?
  • The NYPD generally don't like it when their incompetence is exposed. But them again they've shown some restraint lately. Seriously, how does a handcuffed criminal get out of a cruiser and run around for 5 hours?
  • Any updates?
  • Nope, nothing here. 

    Off topic, but does anyone have a hacksaw that I could borrow?  Also, some aloe salve.. my wrists are killing me. 

  • dac, I'm afraid I don't. However I know a great place you could lay low and chill out until people calm down. 

    On topic: Apparently he is still on the lam.
  • Well, a handcuffed man managed to escape police custody during a heavy rainstorm and is still on the loose.  I'm sure that precinct has a lot of 'splaining to do.
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