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Bar on Kingston Ave, between Lincoln and St John

Does any body have a reference about this bar reopening? I've seen people arranging it inside. It'll be great to have a place around Kingston to go for a drink besides Basil.


  • Looks like a liquor license was just approved:

    License Information

    Serial Number: 1251048

    License Type: ON-PREMISES LIQUOR

    License Status: License is Active

    Credit Group: 2

    Filing Date: 01/14/2011

    Effective Date: 03/18/2011

    Expiration Date: 02/28/2013

    Premises Information

    Principal's Name: JOHNSON, BRITTANY

    Premises Name: PEP IN MY STEP CORP

    Trade Name:

    Zone: 1

    Address: 259A KINGSTON AVENUE

    BROOKLYN, NY 11213

    County: KINGS

  • For what it is worth ... there is some really great merchant organizing going on on Kingston as of late.

    Working in collaboration with the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, the merchants are very actively engaged in forming a merchants association and more generally improving conditions on Kingston Avenue. So hopefully this new place will be a positive complement to those energies.

    Also, if you are interested in getting even more information about the place, you can attend Community Board 8's Economic Development Committee meetings. Any establishment seeking a liquor license in CD8 is required to get approval from the the CB. So the meetings are a great way to meet the owners and find out more about future establishments opening in the neighborhood.

  • NostrandPark said:

    For what it is worth ... there is some really great merchant organizing going on on Kingston as of late.

    Working in collaboration with the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, the merchants are very actively engaged in forming a merchants association and more generally improving conditions on Kingston Avenue. So hopefully this new place will be a positive complement to those energies.

    That's good news indeed. Kingston Ave. has always struck me as having several storefronts that could use tenants and/or more customers.

  • Sept 23, 2013

    Heads up! Two years later, this place could re-open as a bar yet!

    A entity known as Maxwell’s Restaurant & Bar to be located at 259A Kingston Avenue (St. John’s/Lincoln), is in the process of seeking support for a full liquor lic from CB8.

  • awesome. This is the exact moment that I start telling people that Maxwells in Hoboken isn't closing; it's just moving to Crown Heights. woot!

  • How awesome would that be if Hoboken Maxwells moved to the neighborhood...

  • I know nothing about Hoboken's Maxwells.

    But am psyched that Kingston might get some investment.

    The entity's first chance to get the support of the SLA & Sidewalk Café Review Committee will be on Monday, October 7, 2013 at 6:30 PM.

    Mtg to be held at CNR-Center Light Health Care Center, which is located at 727 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn, NY (between Park and Prospect Places).

  • Just saw some guys doing work under the awning this morning. The old bar, Part II Lounge, didn't last very long. Hope this one has better luck.

  • I think a "neighborhood bar" could work in that location. opposed to a "destination bar", or "I want to meet someone good looking tonight bar".

  • Yesterday the old awning was taken down and a sign was posted on the door announcing Maxwell's liquor license application and that they hope to open by Nov. 1st.

  • Nov 1 is very optimistic given the length of time that the SLA needs to process an application.

    I hope they understand this....

  • That place was a bar years ago. My office used to be across the street and when the old timers stopped going the bar closed. I hope there's enough of a younger crowd in the area that's willing to go there but I just don't see it happening.

  • I don't know, people in that area don't seem much for restaurants and take out food. If I'm not mistaken, the Kennedy Fried Chicken next to the bar is closed, where the eyeglass store is on the corner (the old Metro PCS) used to be a Chinese take out and that's gone. Even where Basil is used to be a Spanish restaurant and that was only open about a year. It's going to be an uphill battle I think.

  • Yes, the area is starting to become active:

    However, I see the rapid turnover as businesss as a sign that businesses are adapting to a rapidly changing environment.

    I'd try to capture the new money in the area that is evidenced by the rowhouses being renovated.

    To me, "North" Kingston seems to be leaving the period in which the storefronts are vacant, or mainly serve either poor folks (bullet proof chinese and Kennedy Fried Chicken, contract less PCS phones), or Jewish folks (Basil).

    I think a neighborhood bar could survive. Since around 9500 BC, people have liked beer.

    ...price it at about $4 a glass, keep disruptive people out, don't let the ratio of men to women exceed 3:2.

  • Like I said, it's going to have to be the younger crowd that goes because the folks who live there now won't.

  • Young beer drinkers = residents of tenements with lots of bikes parked out front.

    Are there enough in the area yet?

  • People that currently live there would go to a place if it catered to them. However, most of the people seeking to start businesses in this area are looking to attract the young people who seemingly have bottomless pockets when it comes to booze and food. Older folks want good, reasonably priced, clean places to eat and drink, which don't jibe with most business plans if you are paying $5k a month and have sunk $150-200k into renovations.

    If you notice, there are plenty of people living around there that go to Basil, even though its demographic is the Orthodox Jewish community.

  • Yes, but it's not the people who live near Kingston and Lincoln or St. Johns. It's the people who can afford to pay a little more for a meal and that's really not the people who live in the nearby surrounding area.

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    Basil is pretty pricey.

    The non-Orthodox folks I see in there tend to be of a variety of hues, but of the rowhouse owning demographic. I'm with Homeowner in that this older segment just doesn't drink enough to support a bar on.

    As I walk east, I'm starting to see an increasing number of bikes chained to the fences in front of the tenements on St. Johns and Lincoln, between Nostrand Ave and Brooklyn Ave.

    Most of the other blocks in the area seem to lack this style tenements.

    Franklin is presently picking up their business, but Nostrand is quickly stepping up as well.

    This is evidenced in Nostrand soon getting an additional bar, at the former site of niahmaih. (sp?)

    On weekends they seem to migrate west around 7 PM, then migrate back east around 1 AM. A bar on Kingston that catered to this demographic would presently have to get them to walk east, then west.

  • Also, on Nostrand stores tend to be open later whereas on Kingston most of them are services businesses and are closed much earlier. Makes the area more bleak. I can't see lots of people congregating there much after 9pm. And on Friday night Basil isn't open so even if Maxwell's is going to serve food I feel it's going to be more of an early evening destination.

  • In 2003, people said similar things about Underhill near Lincoln when Bar Sepia opened.

    10 years later, it is by no means the most popular bar in the area, but it is has developed a loyal following.

    As the neighborhood changed, the beverages and other aspects have changed.

  • I'm not out there frequenting bars anymore, but a lot of that has to do with the fact that there isn't really a bar to go to along my stretch of Kingston. I love Nostrand Avenue Pub and NoBar, but I miss having a local watering hole between my subway station and my home.

    If this new bar is upscale enough and attracts a younger and wider demographic than what its predecessor seemed to, I think that it should do pretty well. I see new 20 and 30-somethings moving to (and around) my block on a regular basis these days, and with so little competition for bars and sit-down restaurants, their patronage would appear to be this business's to loose.

  • On Friday, a Brownstoner tipster contributed photos of the door and SLA notice:


    Was this you?

  • Nope, wasn't me. But I agree with Pitmama. There are lots of new, young faces getting on and off the train at Eastern Parkway, using the laundromats on Kingston, and going into the rental buildings on blocks like St. Johns, Park, and St. Marks. The selection at Fine Fare -- right next to the bar -- is already changing in response. So if Maxwell's can attract a cross section of newer and older residents, and especially if it is a restaurant too and not just a bar, then I think they have a shot.

  • Walking by this morning I saw that the inside was getting gutted. My nosiness attracted the man in the photo, who turned out to be Maxwell himself. He confirmed that it would be a sit-down restaurant in addition to a bar and that the cuisine would be Panamanian.

    Attached files image
  • Good job! Readers, this is all it takes!

    She was likely able to do this without even wearing her Wonderwoman outfit!

  • On Oct 7th:

    1. The proprietor of Maxwell’s Restaurant and Bar, located at 289A Kingston Avenue (between Lincoln and St. Johns), in the space formerly occupied by Kingston Pizza, made a favorable presentation for their Spanish-Caribbean themed restaurant and bar that is seeking a Full Liquor license. The Application included

    a. Seating for 56

    b. Hours of operation: 11 AM to Midnight Sunday through Thursday, 11 AM to 3 AM Friday and Saturday

    c. There is no outdoor seating.The committee voted to support the application as submitted, 15 in favor, and hopes the full Board supports its recommendation.

  • A friend of the owner who was coming out of the bar this morning said there's been lots of progress, everything inside is new, and he'll probably open in the summer.
  • A new storefront is in place. Owner said he may be able to open as soon as next month. Also found out it's the same family that's behind Kelso, which got me incredibly excited, but he doesn't know if he'll be doing takeout yet.

    259A Maxwells
  • woo hoo!!

  • And we have an awning! (Plus barstools inside, so hopefully we're close.)
  • Just one correction: Though I should have noticed it earlier, Maxwell's is in the space that an old time bar formerly occupied. Kingston Pizza is still there, right next door to the upcoming Maxwell's.

    Perhaps this new restaurant/bar will get K.P. to renovate and update their space. It's not a great pizzeria, but it is close. When I want better pizza, almost in the nabe, I go over to Tony's, on Rutland Rd, between Rockaway Pkwy and the Sutter Ave elevated stop on the #3 train. Really good pizza and other stuff, clean, well-maintained, and a great, friendly owner and staff.
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    On a different thread, @nothinlikeabklyngirl writes:

    And if you are worried about not having a place for hookah, Maxwell's on Kingston has a sign saying it -- and a full Spanish-American menu (Panamanian, not Mexican) -- are coming soon.

    Wait, this place isn't open yet?   

    It received is liquor lic last summer:
  • Yeah, it's open. Just the hookah and the full menu are "coming soon." They've also been advertising karaoke on Tuesday nights and lobster nights on Thursdays (free lobster with a $40 bar tab).
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    Have you or any of your friends ever had a desire to spend $40 on drinks on Kingston in exchange for a free lobster?    Would the availability of hookah assist you in deciding this is a good evening?   

    How about karaoke and hookah on a Tuesday?   What would need to be present to make that happen?

    I need Venn Diagrams!   

    Who are these people?
  • I was initially very excited when I heard that a bar was coming to Kingston Avenue.  I was hoping for something like NoBar or Nostrand Avenue Pub, which could serve the needs/likes of neighbors both old and new. But as more information became available, I became less and less enthused.  By the time they started advertising their karaoke and lobster, I knew that I would never step foot in there.  Now they are adding hookah to the mix?  Eww.  I guess I'll have to keep walking over to Nostrand, for now...
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    Finally made it to this place. Decent beers. Really warm and friendly ambiance and vibe. Super unpretentious. Affordable. Twenty somethings and older neighborhood regulars shimmying to calypso and reggae. They were also serving West Indian food (Panamanian I think) but I didn't get to try any..maybe next time. I really like this place. 
  • @Clayfilms -
    Your report leads me to believe that Maxwells is similar to the other place they run, Kelso's on Franklin.
    Also found out it's the same family that's behind Kelso, which got me incredibly excited, but he doesn't know if he'll be doing takeout yet.
    Kelso stikes me as having a loyal following of american afro-panamanians, and a growing customer base of the area's newer (often white) residents.

    As a result of its location, Kelso probably has not resorted to karaoke and hookah because it does not need to: It is located in an area where people seem to "naturally" eat out quite often.
  • Passed by Maxwell's this afternoon. I find the entrance rather forbidding, to tell the truth. At night, for a bar, one probably wants privacy from the street, but during daytime hours, I'm assuming the owner would expect more restaurant than bar traffic and no being able to see inside, at least a bit, does not exactly say welcome to potential customers, Hell, they don't can't even easily tell if the place is open. 
    Anyway, for the first time, I saw a sandwich board outside the place listing beers (?) on one side and today's specials on the other. No prices indicated, but I do remember seeing pork chops and cow foot (?) soup on the board. Maybe I'll actually go inside next time.
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    My first time in Maxwell's will be July 22nd.

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    CB8 recently sent a letter to NYS SLA, requesting that a renewal lic NOT be granted for Maxwell's.

    It had received noise, public urination, and loitering complaints.
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