Shooting, October 6, 2013, on St. Marks btwn Schenectady and Utica — Brooklynian

Shooting, October 6, 2013, on St. Marks btwn Schenectady and Utica

Reports coming in about a shooting tonight in East Crown Heights:


PCT units reporting male shot is likely to expire. Level one being called.

Schenectady Avenue & Saint Marks Avenue

Brooklyn, NY

10/6/2013 5:51 p.m.



Marks Ave & Utica Ave

Brooklyn, NY

10/6/2013 5:55 p.m.


30 yo male being Transported to KCH in traumatic arrest.

1138 Saint Marks Avenue

Brooklyn, NY

10/6/2013 6:09 p.m.


  • Yes, I am betting that is a typo by NBC, and that the deceased is 49.

    Here's a site that runs press releases, raw, from the 77th Pct:

    On Sunday, October 6, 2013 at approximately 1744 hours police responded to a report of a male shot in front of 1117 St. Mark's Avenue. Upon arrival, officers located a male black 49 years old, seated in a vehicle unconscious and unresponsive with multiple gunshot wounds to the torso. EMS also responded and transported the male to Interfaith Hospital, where he was pronounced DOA. No arrests have been made. Identity of the victim is pending proper family notification. An investigation is ongoing

    The RNN feed used by Gothamist does not verify its information. Hence, if the ambulance communicates to the ER that they were on route with a 30 y/o, that's how it first appears.

    Ditto the location of the car that the man was found in. The address has slightly changed from the initial report, as information becomes clear.

    This shooting falls within the catchment area of SOS Crown Heights, an organization working to reduce gun violence.

    The last shooting incident in the S.O.S. catchment area was on September 5th, 2013.

  • The name of the deceased has now been released:

    Emmanuel Capers, 49

    His address of record was 1405 Prospect Place, just a few blocks away from where he was murdered.

    Family notified.

  • Picture of the car in which he was killed:

    photo: Daily News

    Daily News wrote: A 49-year-old Brooklyn man was shot dead while sitting in a car on Sunday, police said.

    Emmanuel Capers was struck numerous times in his upper body by a gunman who fled the scene, cops said.

    Police recovered nine shell casings at the scene but have not yet made an arrest.

    The shooting happened 5:40 p.m. on St. Mark's Ave. in Bedford-Stuyvesant, police said.

    Capers was rushed to Interfaith Hospital, where he died.

    Capers had 13 previous arrests, including one for attempted murder in 1988, and served more than three years in state prison, beginning in 1989, after getting convicted of weapons possession and reckless endangerment, records show.

    It was not immediately clear why he was killed, police said.

  • No great loss at least.

  • I can't help but think that arrests referenced by the Daily News were a long time ago, and that his death might be a great loss to his family and friends.

    And, in light of statistics, he seems like he was much older than most people murdered in NYC.

    If I see any coverage of an arrest, I'll try to post it. The NYPD usually provides some motive at that point.

  • I also guess that because he was 49 S.O.S. didn't deem it necessary to have a rally at the point of the shooting or if they did it wasn't mentioned here.

  • My impression is that a person's age would not influence whether they have a shooting response.

    Things that do influence whether they have a response:

    1. Shooting responses are not held in locations that are believed to be so dangerous that they place people attending the response in danger.

    2. Shooting responses are not held when the family of the deceased does not wish further attention.

    3. Shooting responses are not held when they are likely to result in retaliation against members of staff, as they do their street outreach in the future.

    4. etc.

    For example, if the deceased was shot in front of a house that sells drugs, it reasonable to expect the dealers do not want a rally in front of their "business".

    SOS is smart enough to know that the risks outweigh the gains in that situation.....

  • Don't really want to debate this but that seems like an oxymoron. "We'll have a response as long as we don't have to face the people that possibly did this." Then what's the point? Just my opinion. And if this isn't going to stop the shooting then it's all just moot.

  • The purpose of a shooting response is not confrontation.

    P.S. The response to this shooting will be held on Thursday at 6:00pm at St Marks and Schenectady. Snazzy flyer being prepared.

  • Maybe I goaded them into it.

  • We all need to believe we are making a difference; that belief can be yours.

  • October 13: All of NYC has not recorded a murder in a week. The last murder was October 6th.

    Was ^our murder in CH^ the city's most recent one?

  • Im sorry to say , but i seen everything that happened that day , i know the GunMan Too ....wan indformation Add or message my facebook @ Bella Gooding
    This isnt a joke
  • Bella-
    I could not find you on Facebook, but would be interested in talking with you. Send me a message via this site's private message feature.
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