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OPEN HOUSE 11/3/12: 'It Takes a Village!' Clubhouse

Join local families this Saturday for fun and festivities at:

The Open House of It Takes a Village!

When: Saturday, November 3rd between 10am and 5pm

Where: 721 Franklin Ave (btw Sterling Place and Park Place)

What: Free, fun, indoor activities for children under 4 (such as music, arts and crafts and dance lessons) as well as opportunities for their parents to join "The Village" (see details at

Why: Why not meet engaged parents seeking indoor/outdoor spaces for their children to have fun, get inspired, learn and grow

It Takes a Village! is a membership-based, non-profit community space for Brooklyn parents and their children under 4 years of age. "The Village" is a funhouse for kids and a clubhouse for parents--a home away from home where new families find friends, reassurance and a creative environment to have fun, get inspired, learn and grow. Children here learn by engaging socially in an inspiring second home for exploration and diverse friend-making. The Village is a continually evolving open space to nurture our growing community of new families.

To Learn more:

Visit the website for It Takes a Village!

Have questions?

Contact It Takes a Village!

(917) 499-3244

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  • Do they now have two locations?

    One at 721 Franklin, and the other at Classon and Prospect Pl?

  • It's just the one at Classon and Prospect

  • Got it.

    I am glad they found (and can hopefully afford) their own space.

    Before their move, I think they had to share space with the new operators of LaunchPad.

    To me, a cooperative child care with set rules and fees (It Takes a Village) seems more feasible than an "events space" businesses without such rules (ie LaunchPad), but time will tell.

    BTW, the above photo is courtesy of the Wash Ave Merchants Assoc

  • Actually, they shared the LaunchPad space with the hopes of taking it over. In the end though, the LaunchPad guy decided to stay, so ITAV had to find a new home.

  • The new location does make more sense from a long term "optimal use" point of view.

    IE a child care coop does not need to be on a Ave that is as commercial, "prime" and busy as Franklin Ave is becoming.

    I do wonder how much rent LaunchPad's space would go for if it was at market.

    Likewise, I wonder how much they actually raise thru the various events they host. I predict the revenue is very small. I hope this meets the expectations of the owners of the space, and the folks who presently run it. It certainly doesn't meet a regular definition of "sustainable business venture: Break even or better"

    PS. These coop/play space things are usually different from DOHMH Lic Daycares, in that you can't actually leave your kid there.

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    500 Prospect Place, near Classon

    Photo: Wash Ave Pros Heights Merchant Assn

  • This place is awesome.

    -Happy Mommy

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    Nov 22, 2013

    It Takes a Village has closed.

    the model I created couldn't fully sustain membership enough to pay the rent and expenses in the new space, we must close the doors on Classon Avenue.

    Members in good standing will receive a prorated refund later today.

    The Village is closing but there's also some very good news!

    Out of the original Village concept, a new one is forming, one that I hope will be able to surmount some of the logistical difficulties we experienced. We have one of the most creative, bright, and dynamic neighborhoods in America, and I have no doubt it will succeed.

    A committed group of local parents are about to launch a new venture that will fill the void left by the closing of It Takes A Village. This new organization will be a community play and gathering space, offering open hours during the day, as well as a wide array of fun opportunities like music, yoga, theater, puppet shows, and more.

    These parents have asked us to let you know that there will be a meeting onSunday, November 17 at 8 p.m. at 1000 Bergen Street, between Franklin and Bedford. They invite you to come learn more about the work they've been doing, and how you might help them open the doors to a new community play space in just a few weeks!


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    Since November, several of the parents from It Takes a Village (ITAV) have rented and created a new play space, "Stomping Ground" at 636 Classon (near Dean)

    However, the prior chapter may end very badly for one of the parents.

    You see, after leaving 721 Franklin, a several year lease was signed on 500 Prospect Place (pictured above).   500 Prospect Place was only open for about nine months (March 2013 - Nov 2013), and remains vacant.

    The landlord is reportedly:
    - enforcing the terms of the lease (i.e. continuing to seek payment)
    - arguing that he has been unable to fill the space with a new tenant for the same rate, and
    - suing the lease signer for monies due.      

    This could be a very expensive lesson for the lease signer, especially if ITAV was not incorporated in a way that protects the signers' personal assets.

    ...although a landlord has an obligation to mitigate their losses in such cases, the legal obligations of a commercial lease are very real, and lawyers are not cheap....


  • that parent would be mike, owner of little zelda / wedge.  i'd image he signed the lease, and hopefully didnt get other parents to put their name on it.
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    Yes, that is my understanding.

    My questions are:

    Was ITAV incorporated in such a way that the majority of his assets are protected?

    Or, did he make an error that is likely to result in the landlord forcing payment (perhaps the liquidation of an asset)?
  • Oh, this is so sad. I hope this doesn't happen. I've met the man and he had a great vision that didn't work out as expected.
  • The landlord has since filled the vacant space with a clothing store, Beri.

    Getting it filled has reportedly, um, "improved the mood of the landlord."

    However, Mike D signed a 10 year lease and it is not known to me whether the LL was able to get the same terms from Beri.

    It is my understanding that the LL could pursue payment from Mike D for any period during the remaining 10 years that he is unable to rent out the site for an amount equal (or more than) than that which was stipulated.

    However, I predict that the LL and Mike D will reach an agreement long before then, exchange some $, and then both learn valuable lessons.
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