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Verizon Internet at $75/month???

Has anyone else talked with Verizon to open an Internet-only account recently? They seem to be setting their non-FiOs internet monthly charge at $75 for (new) customers in, at least in my case, Prospect Lefferts Gardens. It's a phone-line connection, which is allegedly why it's so expensive (according to the representative I spoke to) and it's month-to-month (no contract). Are they trying to get current customers to fund the FiOs infrastructure or what? I called Optimum/Cablevision and they didn't know about it - they're charging $50/month (still outrageous) but are not listed anywhere on the web as servicing my particular neighborhood. So anyone moving to PLG - watch out for this.


  • One of the reasons that its so expensive is that until FiOS comes universally, non-FiOS communities are still on copper wiring. That network is old and needs a lot of upkeep and maintenance. Verizon pretty much stopped any repairs and will fix stuff that breaks only when customers complain. My dry-loop (internet line with no phone service) goes out every time there is an overabundance of rain because the box that the wiring is in is no-longer moisture-proof. The water gets insides, gets into the wiring and everything goes haywire. Crossed lines, no outgoing service, etc. Rather than replace the box and rewire everything, Verizon simply comes out and makes a quick fix (3-5x a year). You're esentially paying for the service necessary to keep an old system working until they can switch over.
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    When I first moved into Crown Heights I got Verizon DSL through EarthLink. I paid about $40 a month and got speeds that often approached dial up. I once talked to a verizon employee who installs and maintains fiber optic lines in Manhattan and lives in Park Slope. He told me that Verizon is going to roll out FiOS in Park Slope some time soon but have no plans to roll it out to the rest of Brooklyn. Of course this was about a year ago.

    I know optimum is kinda pricey but I'm really happy with them. So I'd say their reliability and greater speed is well the extra $10 a month.
  • I have cablevision (internet only) and it's $59/mo in Prospect Heights, right now.  Cable providers are the worst :(  It's not like there is any choice in the selection in NYC. I cut the cord many years ago on cable TV but I can't let go of my internet and they raise their rates every year. 
  • If Fios isn't where you are now, it isn't going to be there anytime soon. Verizon has no plans to increase their footprint as far as it goes unless they're forced to (Fire Island is one example). So see if TWC is available in your area. Because I'm sure there's a cable company that services where you live.
  • "I'm sure there's a cable company that services where you live"

    Actually, part of PLG doesn't have cable. Cablevision, which has the franchise, has declined to serve most of Lefferts Manor–the blocks where telephone lines run on the back fences, rather than on poles. I had Earthlink DSL (which uses Verizon lines) for years, but dropped it a little over a year ago because it was very slow and required frequent service calls. I now use an AT&T mifi  devise, which works via their 4G network. It's very fast (almost as fast as FIOS) and reasonably priced IF you have it as a package deal with a smartphone and tablet; probably prohibitively expensive on its own. Also, it's NOT unlimited. I pay for 15 gigs/month, which would not be sufficient if I streamed a lot of video, but is fine for my needs. Nevertheless, I'd drop this service in favor of FIOS if I could, but I doubt that Verizon will ever install fiber optics on my block [Midwood II].
  • Well I signed up very hesitantly for Optimum, which has been real shoddy for me in Crown Heights but the alternative seems to be either living in the library or never leaving my office *pukes*. Seems to just be a perennial NYC problem... I sent emails to the Senators and the BBB for posterity's sake but I'm not sure how important the ISP monopoly problem is to most people here.
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    "I sent emails to the Senators and the BBB for posterity's sake but I'm not sure how important the ISP monopoly problem is to most people here."

    It's very important to the right people including the senators and quite possibly the BBB.
  • I have Optimum for my phone and internet in my office on St. Johns and the only time I had a problem with it in about 6 years is when some company cut through the line accidentally.
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