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New coffee shop at Bergen and Grand

Did a double-take this morning...there's a cute little coffee shop on the corner of Bergen and St Marks. In the brick building on the northwest corner - otherwise filled with auto repair shops.

It might be called Safra (I was late for work), and maybe caters to the Muslim community who attend the mosque on the same block (judging by the headscarves worn by the counter person and the customers).

Anyway, nice to see another new biz in the heart of the industrial-zoned area.



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    I believe the owners welcome everyone's business.

    Yes, they put in a request for inspection a few months ago:

    And, then opened a few weeks ago.  I pulled this photo off their foursquare site:

    I think it isn't embedding b/c it is too large

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    Just drove past there today, so I'll go check them out. (I knew I'd find out more info on Brooklynian!) Thanks, whynot/ notsayin.
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    Just checked out Safra, the new cafe at 568 Grand Avenue. While the decor doesn't compete with Lazy Ibis or Nimba, and they don't offer a large menu of gourmet, overpriced, organic, Whole Paycheck/ Balthazar-style goodies, this unpretentious, simple cafe is clean, cheap, sunny and welcoming.

    Although they don't sell the coffee snob's choice of Stumptown beans, they do have a nice selection of espresso, lattes, coffee and teas, and their prices seem cheaper than some of the other places in the area (drip coffee $1.50 and $2, Caramel Macchiato is the most expensive item for $4). They have a nice range of Davinci and Monin syrups, including sugar free flavors. They also offer various pastries, Naked juices, Snapples and meat pies. The family who owns the cafe has lived in the neighborhood for over 12 years, and the sweet girl who served me said that their target customers are not just Muslims, but everyone in the community. Still, I enjoyed the soft Arabic music playing in the background.

    Safra doesn't yet have their own wifi, but there are outlets at each of the four tables, and I immediately got online through an Optimum hotspot. However, the books and magazines in one of the windows helped me to procrastinate and avoid working.

    They're open from Mon.-Sat. from 7:15am-6:30pm for now, but in summer their hours will be extended.

    Since this place is still fairly secret, it is much easier to get work done since I didn't have to wait around for a table, and except for a few take-out orders from regulars, it was empty and quiet the entire time I was there.
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