Feminist Fireworks on Saturday night in Prospect Park
  • I'm too lazy to link one of the articles about said fireworks, but will upload a photo of the preparations with the thought a conversation may begin.

  • I don't own any misogynist t-shirts, but if I did, I hope I would be bright enough not to wear one to this event.

  • If you did own a misogynist t-shirt, there's a good chance you wouldn't be bright enough not to wear it to the event. But you don't, so you know better. 

    And if I can just add to your suggestion, I'd advise anyone wearing a tank top to the event not to refer to it as a "wife beater."

    ... By the way, did we just enter some sort of fireworks season in NYC? This will be the third fireworks display in the city in the past two weeks - that I know of. 

  • I believe this firework show will be a little different in that it will be mostly the ground based variety.
  • You know for sure its ground-based?  I was thinking of going with the little one, but if its mostly ground based may not be as fun , and hard for her to see.
  • I suspect the most popular part, the part that everyone wants to see, will be the vagina.

    It usually is.


    It sounds ground based to me...
  • Vaginas and fireworks are two of my favorite things, so I'm definitely going to this. 

    ... I wonder if she's going to take the show to D.C. It would be interesting to see it done on the Mall in front of the Washington Monument. 
  • Not all feminist vaginas would enjoy being near the Washington Monument.

    Different things make different vaginas heat up.
  • We're just talking fireworks here, right? 

    It's one thing to anthropomorphize vaginas, but I doubt fireworks that resemble vaginas have the ability to emote anymore than the Washington Monument does. 

    But that's a good thing, because for all we know it might not enjoy being near vaginas. And we wouldn't want to have a 555-foot obelisk go flaccid and come crashing down on a mall full of spectators.  
  • fiery vaginas?  Maybe Monistat or Vagisil are sponsors of this
  • After a fireworks show, there is always a smell that lingers in the air.

    Will this firework show smell different than others?
  • This is silly
  • It's getting a little blue in here. 
  • This photo is by no means as good of quality as those available on WebMD or Pornhub, but one can see the outlines of the vagina being constructed.

  • The linked image looks like a butterfly, not vagina.  Am I not using my imagination hard enough, or just not seen the right vaginas?    I'm guessing Judy Chicago sees them in everything.  Those clouds?  Yeah, look like vaginas. 

  • "Chicago waffles on whether the images in her work are to be interpreted
    as vaginas or butterflies, but this is America and we will see a vagina
    where we want to, damn it, whether it's an actual butterfly or a
    peculiarly shaped almond or a broken tire iron." 
  • Exactly.


    The Park site doesn't mention anything about "down there": http://www.prospectpark.org/calendar/event/butterfly-brooklyn
  • I went by this and it's definitely a butterfly pattern. But I assume they'd be using forms that resemble the vagina, rather than an anatomically correct version. I mean, I'm pretty sure Georgia O'Keefe wasn't just a big orchid fan. 
  • It might be more realistic had they surrounded it with brown hairs.

    ...well, not always.
  • So do the genital butterfly shaped fireworks still off in the rain?
  • I am told they perform best when a little wet.
  • It feels odd to just stand here, leering:


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