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New Electronic Cigarette Store Lounge Opens on Bedford Ave


MoVapes Brooklyn has opened at 1413 Bedford Avenue. The store features all types of electronic cigarette equipment, accessories and nicotine juices. The store has seating and encourages people to sample all it's juices free of charge.

Tues - Sat Noon to 8p
Sun Noon to 5p
Closed Mondays

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  • Juices. Eww..

  • Seems to be located on Bedford between Prospect and St. Marks.

    ...gourmet nicotine

  • Sounds interesting, think I'll check em out.

    It's on Bedford so you dont have to worry about gourmet nicotine, or local free-range shadegrown fairtrade organic artisinal nicotine for that matter.

  • Makes me wonder if the nicotine juices are made out of someone's used chewing tobacco. Is this stuff FDA approved?

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    Heads up!

    The entity MoVapes has just told CB8 that they would like their support for a beer and wine liquor lic.

    They will state their business plan at the SLA & Sidewalk Café Review Committee, which will meet on Monday, March 3, 2014 at 6:30 PM at CNR-Center Light Health Care Center (727 Classon Avenue)

    ...this should be interesting, as it will directly challenge the ban on the use of cigarettes in bars, by arguing that electronic cigarettes (aka Vapes) are not the same a cigarettes, because they do not emit smoke.....

    The application requests support to serve beer and wine in their garden.
  • MoVapes garden, smack in the middle of this interior block, will be a nightmare for nearby residents who are used to having a good night's sleep. It's all three, four-story townhouses (i.e., residential housing) along that stretch of Rogers. Take a look at the Google satellite view:

    Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 2.58.53 PM
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    The CB8 SLA committee supported a beer and wine license.  

    However, It seems there is a provision in the law that allows it:

    --> "In December, the city banned e-cigarettes in bars, restaurants, parks and other public places where smoking is prohibited. Smoking, however, is allowed in businesses where at least 10 percent of revenue comes from tobacco and tobacco-related product sales, according to state public health law.

    More than 60 percent of MoVapes' revenue comes from e-cigarette-related sales, Modugu said.

    MoVapes' application will be considered by the full community board on March 13. It would then be sent to the State Liquor Authority for final approval." <-- 

    So, one entity regulates e-cigarettes (the city) and another agency regulates liquor (the state, via the SLA), and the laws are presently written in such a way that one can do both in the same place.

    My head hurts.
  • Does this mean people will also be allowed to smoke regular cigarettes or just vaporizers?  
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    I am not sure. I am waiting learn the answer to this question, as well as my other question: Can one "enjoy" hookah, Mexican food and alcohol in the same place?

    At this point, I can't imagine that I'll be going to either place, so I hope the owners do not anticipate me as customer.

    My gut tells me that "Vicente's Mexican Food and Hookah" won't succeed due to several factors.

    My gut tells me that if the Vapes store gets the legal ability to serve alcohol and vape in the same place, it will be a huge financial success.
  • I wonder if they'll be accepting Bitcoins since between that and the electronic smoking parlor they'll be all the rage.
  • I am disappointed that the word "artisanal" isn't appearing in their advertising.

    It has thus far been a reliable indicator of businesses catering to specific demographics.

    I guess they are too health conscious for this venue.
  • I think they sell mainly vaporizors, which as I've learned recently,more for smoking pot the 'healthy' way than maybe for nicotine addicts.  So they may not actually be targeting just the newcomers.  I smell a LOT of pot smoke in the neighborhood, and its not coming from the kids at Crown Inn.
  • Actually, I'm a customer.  They do not sell any items that can be used with marijuana.  It's strictly a e-cig vape shop. 
  • If this law isn't repealed (ie deemed illegal), it seems as if they will only be able to sell the e-cig vapes; Consuming them in the lounge will be illegal as of April 29, 2014.

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    I would assume though that they would be able to smoke them in the garden/patio though?  I imagine if you were selling the stuff you would want to be able to sample and the combination of smoking and drinking would probably still be profitable.  And vaping would certainly be expected so no one would be subject to disgusted glares by the other patrons.    
  • I agree.

    As a result of being new, I don't think the SLA can deny a permit on the basis that vaping is allowed.

    The creation and enforcement of laws re: smoking indoors seems to be at the local (ie not state) level, so the SLA may have no standing.
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    The SLA does not seem have a record of the application being filed yet.

    The only thing I could find was an alc lic for a previous entity at the site, Abby's Level
  • As of today, I believe e-cig lounges are now illegal.     As stated above, NYC banned them.   Then, the e-cig sued them, stating that local authorities had no jurisdiction:

    Now, they are banned at the state level:

    Meaning that the ban imposed by the City Council does not exceed their authority.

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    The SLA does not seem have a record of the application being filed yet.

    The only thing I could find was an alc lic for a previous entity at the site, Abby's Level
    Today, I did some digging to figure out whether this place could turn itself into someplace where you could merely BUY vapes, but not use them, AND sell alcohol.

    I then realized that although CB 8's SLA Committee supported their application on March 5th, the full board did not support the application when it met on March 14th:

    1.  Movapes, 1413 Bedford Avenue (Prospect/St. Marks) -- Beer/Wine i. E-cigarette and vaping retail store and on-premises consumption

    ii. Seating for 14 indoors, and 12 outdoors (backyard) iii. Hours are daily starting at noon, closing at 8 PM on Sun, 10 PM Mon-Thu, and 11 PM Fri & Sat iv. Food: light, locally sourced sandwiches.

    There were a few concerns raised by the committee and residents in attendance. These concerns included ensuring that alcohol was not served to anyone under the age of 21, that the proprietor ensure that at least 60% of his revenue must come from tobacco products to permit indoor smoking, and the potential for noise.

    There were no police objections to the application and the committee voted to support the beer and wine application with the following conditions and hopes that the full Board support its recommendation:

    a. No outdoor amplified sound 

    b. Use of soft, noise abating materials for all backyard surfaces 

    c. Hours of Backyard operation same as for establishment

    Mr. Witherwax clarified that the space only sold electronic cigarettes and that is no actual tobacco being consumed in the space. Mr. Bunkeddeko asked if the policy is currently BYOB and was informed by the owner that it is not, and that in the future, the business will primarily be retail sale of vapor products. Mr. Bailey made a motion to support the committee’s recommendation. The motion was seconded by Ms. Duke. There were 14 in favor, 13 opposed, with 5 abstentions. Due to the fact that the number of no votes and abstentions were more than the number of yes votes recorded, the item did not pass.

    So, if MoVapes was to try to pursue a liquor license in order to become a merely a bar (one without vaping), it would not have the Community Board's support.  This makes the process more expensive and time consuming, and might reduce its chance of success.

    As a result of the above, MoVapes only legal business appears to be selling Vapes and equipment for use off site, or in the backyard.

    • It's brief life as a Vapes lounge has been made illegal.
    • It's attempt to get an alcohol lic was made difficult.

    However, it signed a lease for a large, costly, space based on the belief that the above could happen.   

    As a result, I am now predicting that the business completely closes.

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