Has this guy hit on you? Giovanni on Sterling Place
  • So last year I was walking on Sterling Place, and this good-looking guy in his 30s asked me out. Great, right? Not so much. He was generally a creeper: inquiring if I've ever been in love and telling me all about his motorcycle. When I declined to give him my phone number, he pointed to his apt door and instructed me to leave him a note if I changed my mind. Uh, no thanks dude.

    Last night I was walking on Sterling Place in the torrential downpour, and a man sidled up next to me. He asked if I had ever been in love. You guessed it -- it was the SAME guy. Almost called him on it, but it was dark and we were alone. Was just wondering how many women he has done this to -- I get a creepy vibe, not sure if he's dangerous or not.

  • Drunken Revival Strikes Again!!

  • he reminds me of a guy name Darius. he used the same lines on all the girls in school really funny. i mean after striking out he'll literally turn around to the next girl and go my name is Darius.

    He did this with every girl in school. i mean literally every girl. So I was siting in the cafeteria with my gf at that time, i saw darius coming and everyone knows. I went to get my like 3 or 4th lunch meal. came back and he was still doing his thing with the girls. he turns around and says that with my gf. she goes hey Darius this is my bf :p.

    he turns around and does it to the next girl. man this guy was literally going by the stats. one girl would go eventually talk to him. All my friends had a good laugh at the table :p.

  • If it looks like you're the only woman that he's professed his love to (and he's done it twice! You're really special!), do you think that you'll have a change of heart?

  • the funniest thing about darius was he would hit on the same girls few times and didn't even remember them LOL. the girls would see him coming and go hi darius and bye.

    once I saw him approaching some girls next to me that he already hit on, i was dude trust me you hit on these girls before, and i would point to a different corner of the room, those girls you haven't hit on yet.

    Man this guy wasn't even smooth like the guy on king of the hill :p, i mean you can't understand king of the hill guy atleast he socializes. darius was always alone no friends etc..

    he probably has his name legally change by now LOL.

  • Was it Jack Black?

    Was his motorcycle named Heat Vision?

  • Haha. WhyFi: the second time he didn't even see my face before he started talking. CREEPER. I'm surprised no one else has had a problem.

  • I'm on Sterling pretty regularly, and haven't been hit on.

    He must at least prefer women.

  • bro wear a wig next time :p, i'm sure he will. I know darius would.

  • he's "dated" 2 of my au pairs...both of whom were 18 and 21. calls himself a music producer. yes he's a creep

  • umm shouldn't the girls know better :p.

  • gparisi-- Yep, that's the guy! He also told me he was a music producer.

  • so girls dig music producers you say. hmmmm I think i'll go become one :p.

  • I met this guy too! Just a couple months ago... we talked for a while and I got his # and that was it. So recently I was trying to see if he's a real "music producer". I've searched online and I can't find anything on him. Anywhere. Even when I enter his name is Pipl I don't get a match... kind of strange. When I met him he seemed nice, but eccentric. Now that I've found this post I'm curious to see how "real" he is. Is his name real? His profession? I've met a good number of guys, but they have always had some kind of online presence...

  • I haven't been on the site in over a year so I'm just seeing this thread now. I know the guy so I'll clarify a few things about him, though I don't have a woman's perspective on this.

    1. He's a very friendly guy and fun to drink with. But kinda eccentric ...

    2. Giovanni is his real name and often goes by Gio.

    3. He's given me his number and I'm extremely not female.

    4. He has two motorcycles, a BMW R1100R and a beautifully restored R75. Both awesome bikes and worthy of talking about.

    5. I can't confirm/deny the music producer part, but he has done quite well for himself.

  • Thanks, Mougar!

  • An R1100R is pretty ho-hum, even to an avid motorcyclist and BMW enthusiast like myself.

  • I rode a R90/6 thru grad school. It was solid. Not a crotch rocket, that's for sure.

  • I used to bull's-eye womp rats in my T-16 back home.

  • eastbloc: ha, I guess I'm a little biased since I have an R1150R

  • I once rode an orange mini-bike so old that it left a trail of coal-black smoke from the exhaust pipe. My inspiration was Jackie Earle Haley, who played Kelly in the original Bad News Bears.

  • Sounds like a Honda Enduro '73

  • R1150Rs are a considerable improvement over their predecessors.

    Nothing wrong with either, really, just not a subject I would raise in casual conversation with a layperson on the street unless they brought it up. "hey, baby, I have a motorcycle" just seems a bit cliche at best :)

  • I think now that we have a quorom, we should officially turn this into the talking about motorcycles, mopeds and scooters thread.

    This guy in Williamsburg is offering an '08 super duke in good condition for $6500: http://newyork.craigslist.org/brk/mcy/3264884320.html. I REALLLY want it but it's hard to justify two bikes with no garage ...

  • So... I arrived to Newark Airport just yesterday and this guy Giovanni totally approached me at the baggage claim outta nowehere and asked me if I was in love, told me I was beautiful, that I deserved a good man, I should call him (since I wouldn't give him my phone number) and he said he could make me smile and that he was a music producer for all these bands (I don't even remember who at this point). He said he lived in Park Slope and cleans up really well and I need to call him. I told him I was recently going through a divorce and had a 2 year old daughter and he said he had a daughter and we had something in common.... What a creeper!! Did this really start being posted on here in 2007 and has been going on this long?! Glad I googled the guy. I didn't think he was for real!

  • I have know Giovanni for about 10 years now. He is an acquaintance and a neighbor. I don't know him well but I have shared drinks with him a few times at various neighborhood bars and watched a few big sporting events at his place over the years. It is true that he has done very well for himself as a music producer and he does happen to own a few motorcycles that he is proud of. What is also clearly true is he has a weakness for very pretty girls and has the confidence and courage to approach them which most men lack. I have never known him to be anything but generous, polite, and friendly to everyone especially women. Most people that know him would agree. If the harshest criticism anyone can come up with to describe him is, 'he's creepy', because he dared to ask an attractive girl for her number then I'm content to continue to think of him as the decent guy that I have always known him to be.

  • Giovanni? I think the lesson here is if you go up to ladies indiscriminately and tell them they deserve love and they should call you it is a little creepy. Considering one of the stories above when he approached without even seeing her face, that's a lot creepy. Crazy, I know, but women, even "pretty girls" generally like to be appreciated for individual features, not for merely possessing the right equipment, shall we say.

    He may be a completely decent guy to have some drinks with. There are also a few ladies who are saying he's creepy and those are just the ones that have found themselves here. Ugh and then the fact that his method has worked for 2 au pairs for the one family... It's strange you say that his willingness to approach weakness very pretty girls is somehow so much more courageous than most men. Maybe it's that most men wait until they have something relevant to say to a "pretty girl"?

  • Giovanni is not just a "creepy" dude - a few years ago, he physically attacked me in broad daylight in front of Taqueria on 7th Ave... put his hands around my neck to hold me back, and threatened me and my friends. Honestly, I thought he left the neighborhood, so I'm concerned to see this thread resurface and learn that he might still be around.

    A few years back, I kept having these encounters with him. First, in the Met Foods on Vanderbilt - got up real close to me in line, mentioned how he wasn't there to actually buy anything, just to talk to me, followed me out. When I continued to brush off his advances, he jumped in his car and pulled up beside me, hollering out the window that I was a "good sport." It happened again, walking to the subway down Flatbush one morning - I was wearing the same dress as the first time - and again I was told I was a "good sport" when he'd decided he was done. A few months later, in Prospect Perk, back when Mary still owned the place, he followed me in, leaning in way too close to me, hitting on me. When I tried to leave, again, he told me I was a "good sport" and I saw him go into his house on Sterling. I couldn't believe this dude had done this to me more than once, and I told my friends the story and started avoiding the block.

    A few months go by, and me and big group of friends are sitting on the bench in front of Taqueria waiting for a table and he walks up and gets in the takeout line. I say to my friend, loudly enough for him to hear, "Hey, that's Good Sport!" and start to tell them all what a charmer this guy is. He walks over to me, and says, "if you've got something to say, why don't you say it to my face?" So I stand up and say, "I am saying it to your face! I'm saying it loud enough the whole neighborhood can hear!" and my partner, sitting a few people away, asks him to just leave us alone. Instead, he goes over to him and makes his hand into the shape of a gun (?) and puts it against my partner's head, saying something about how he should step up. I walk up to Giovanni and tell him to leave us alone, and he reaches out and puts his hands around my neck, sort of holding me, sort of pushing me back.

    At this point, with his hands around my neck, we sort of struggled, me yelling at him and yelling at the people in Taqueria to call the police (none of whom did, of course, looking at us like we were two warring gangs, not a woman being assaulted on the street.) Eventually, I had torn his shirt, and we were sort of pinned up against the building and I was thinking of a way to get out of his grip, positioning myself to knee him in the balls - when my partner's fist flew over my shoulder and into his jaw. He let me go and staggered off, yelling how he was gonna come and find my partner. I yelled back something like, "I know where you live, and every woman in this neighborhood is gonna know where you live! Sterling between Flatbush and Vanderbilt, everyone will know!" One of my friends followed him quietly as he walked down 7th, texting me where he was.

    One of the people I was with had called the police, and a few minutes later they arrived. Being the ever-helpful NYPD, the cop, upon hearing my story, asked, "What, so he was askin' you on a date, and you didn't like it?" They told me that since my partner punched him, if they went after him they'd have to arrest my partner too. "And if he comes after me, or after us?" I asked. If he did it again, I was assured, then I could file for some sort of protective order. Very helpful to know.

    I went into the restaurant and sat down with my friends, very visibly shaken. Two women at the next table, whose names I don't know but who live right there on Sterling, told me that they knew him, told me his name and that he had a reputation on the block for following girls. The next day I went and talked to Mary at Prospect Perk, who told me that if he ever came in while I was there, I could come behind the counter and she would take care of it. And I didn't go anywhere in the neighborhood by myself for months, constantly scared that he'd be somewhere waiting for me, or waiting for my partner. It took months for me to be able to walk down any block in Prospect Heights without looking over my shoulder.

    Now a few years have passed without seeing him, and I just assumed he was gone. Ladies, I guess we're not so lucky.

  • Ok, This is Gio! Allow me to address you boring, hapless, pathetic people who's lives must be so uninteresting that you have nothing better to do then talk about me, and events that happened years ago... Let me start with the girl who started it all.. Creepy? Before there were online dating sites like match.com and people hooking up on craigslist which i find creepy and have never done, meeting the old fashion way by catchings someones eye when your walking down the street because you think there attractive, like you clearly stated i was in your description of me, was absolutely fine. Asking if you are in love is my way of finding out weather or not you're in a relationship. And if thats the case, i walk away :). Now if me not remembering you the second time our paths crossed hurt your feelings enough that you would label me a creep and write about it, then you certainly have issues you need to get over. Not to mention, i don't think Creeps voluntarily point out where they live... Now for the woman who's au pairs i dated.. SO What. Thats what people do when there single. They date! Oh, i'm sorry maybe you've been married so long, you forgot what thats like. Or maybe your a bit jealous. Save it for your husband... Now for the jersey house wife who i had a conversation with at the baggage claim...Really? TO MUCH INFO. Who tells somebody they just met that there recently divorced and have a 2 year old daughter. Whoo! And I love how you change the wording around. I never said you need a good man. "Tacky" And the reason i told you i have a kid as well, is so that you wouldn't feel as stupid or alone when you got home and thought about what you had to say. Good luck. And last but not least. To the girl who said i attacked her!? There are a couple of employes at Cousin Johns bakery who would tell a different side to the story and actually wanted to call the police on you. But allow me to refresh your memory. It did happen 6 years ago after all. Ok, yea we did meet, and yea you told me you had a boyfriend and yes i called you a good sport when i saw you a couple of times after that because i thought it was funny. But thats it. Now lets fast forward to that night when you and your friends ATTACKED ME. As you stated in in your paragraph, you instigated the whole thing by making sure that i heard you talking about me too your friend! And it worked. I then walked over to you and told you get a life.Then your boyfriend who was sitting a couple of feet way from you with his friend, said something under his breath and then i walked over to address him. Because he was too much of a coward to handle your battle, you got up like the she hulk you are, and started cursing at me and pushing your finger against my chest! Thats when i grabbed your hand and shoulder in order to stop you. Your girlfriend then grabbed my arm and thats when your boyfriend took his wimpy opportunity and sucker punched me in the face. Which i didn't feel. Which by the way the manager of Cousin Johns informed me later that he was bragging about it. Real tough guy. And then his friend jumped in and i had four people hitting me.. And for the record i've seen you guys a few times after that in the neighborhood. Obviously i'm not interested in you two... Oh and to the woman who talks about learning a lesson, you need to learn how to read. NO one ever said i told them they deserve love?..Anyway, to all you bored, ignorant and CREEPY loosers. Your exactly whats wrong with Brooklyn.I was born here. Get a life! And leave mine alone!

  • stalker alert!!!

  • Wow!Really? Girls get a grip! I Happen to know Giovanni very well.He's charming, kind, respectful and yes, very handsome! And the furthest thing from a Creep!...I own a Bar in Prospect Heights that he use to frequent and it was quite the opposite scenario when he would come in. Girls would hit on him. And he looked like he couldn't be bothered.Haaa...Gio where have you been? Sorry you have to deal with this Bull! Stop being such haters ladies.....

  • lol Giovanni is that you masquerading as a girl lol.

  • Yes, that guy hit on me.  He goes by Giovanni, but he lies about his last name and age.  Who knows if that’s even his first name.  He told me that he’s a music producer too.  He appears to be fairly successful.  He can sing well and has good melodies, but writes depressing lyrics that don’t make much sense.  He also works strange hours.  I told my friends about his weird schedule and how he could never meet or keep plans... and my friends joked around saying he was probably a drug dealer.  They told me I was stupid to see him.  They were right about that.

    Even with that said, he’s not creepy.  But, in my opinion, he does lack social skills with women.  He needs to learn some etiquette.  I wouldn't say he’s dangerous.  Just don’t date him.  I made that mistake and it was a big mistake. 

    One more thing, based on what I've read, he seems to go for much younger women.  Men who do this usually do so because younger women are easier to approach and more naive.  

    Anyway, he’s nothing to worry about. ;)  Just keep your distance.
  • This thread is a bit much.  Public shaming of someone who's not a danger to the community, but you just don't like his approach, so drag him through the mud for fun?  

    I think of my wife and what she'd do.  She'd politely decline his advances, tell me the funny story, and move on, not go ringing the bells warning the community.  Jeez.  Sounds like Giovanni above takes the higher road on all this.
  • I look at it this way. Giovanni must spit some incredible game, if this many chicks have taken the bait. Most women would have been like goldem1's wife, and collected nothing more than a funny story to share.
  • Maybe he'll learn the importance of being honest.
  • Wow, if we all took the public posting and shaming route every time we met an annoying or dishonest person, this site would be drowning.  
  • Well, I think lying about who you are is pretty serious.  But I guess that's just me...
  • Just out of pure curiosity --Does Giovanni drive a black(?) Mercedes, perhaps a convertible, often parked on Sterling Pl? 
  • Now we're trying to publicly reveal the guy's car? This thread needs to be shut down before it crosses more privacy lines than it already has
  • Does Giovanni use Crest or Colgate?   Or does he believe that toothpaste insults his teeth? 

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