Prefer art over violence? ...want your art displayed? I have a show for you. — Brooklynian

Prefer art over violence? ...want your art displayed? I have a show for you.


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    The contest is currently collecting submissions - here is some more info:

    The Crown Heights Community Mediation Center requests that you join us in our efforts to stop shootings and killings in Brooklyn and beyond. In 2014, we encourage you to dedicate some time towards discussion of gun violence and the creation of art that explores the epidemic that is destroying so many lives. CHCMC is pleased to announce our fourth annual Arts to End Violence contest. Artists, merchants, schools, non-profits, clergy, youth, and neighbors are all collaborating and organizing to make gun violence unacceptable in our city, instead of a regular and “normal” event. 

    Each year Arts to End Violence hosts a series of inspiring and educational events, including a gallery exhibition to display antiviolence art from adults and youth, a talent show, and a block party where children can create their own art and celebrate each other’s talents. We are seeking the help of local artists, schools, non-profits, and art-related organizations to maximize our impact on the community. Visit to see work from previous years. 

    You can get involved in the following ways: 
    • Submit your art or your children’s art into our contest (submissions of all ages are welcomed) 
    • If you are a teacher or youth worker, design an antiviolence themed project for your youth, or invite CHCMC staff to come lead a workshop 
    • Collaborate with the Mediation Center to host an art-making event 
    • Donate prizes or funds to reward the winning youth art submissions 
    • Display winning art pieces in your gallery, cafe, school, or other place of work
    • Attend the Arts to End Violence events (Calendar below). 

    Submissions of 2-D artwork including prints, photography, paintings, drawing and collages will be considered. Click here to see submissions from previous years. Submissions can be created specifically for this contest or previous works that connect to the theme. All submissions should be accompanied by an artist statement. 

    We are always looking for ways to collaborate with individuals and organizations concerned about gun violence. Please share this information with others you think would like to be involved as well. 

    March 22nd: Talent Show 
    April 10th: Final Deadline for Art Submissions 
    May 17th: Arts To End Violence at Kingston Weekend Walks (block party) 
    May 23rd: Arts to End Violence Gallery Show - Opening Night
  • Perhaps you are not interested (or able) to attend the event, but would like to support it in other ways...

    SOS Crown Heights is accepting donations for its Arts Against Violence Campaign, and has signed up with a crowd sourcing platform for reputable nonprofits,

  • Picture of local young supporter: Check

  • Extension of deadline from April 10 to April 15th:   Check
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    Flyer to advertise actual show, now that money is in hand:   Check
  • Today is May 22rd, the day the gallery exhibit opens.
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    Obligatory crowds shots, so you will not be lazy, and actually go to the show:image
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    Photos of the art will be posted on the SOS site, by people with non cell phone cameras. image
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    Here's some good ones, taken by a friend:
  • Love, love, love this. Beautiful artwork! Wish I could have made it. Will it be on display through the weekend?
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    Yes, the art will be displayed for the next two weeks.    I'm pretty sure there are evening hours, but don't know them offhand.     

    You can call 718-773-6886 for the hours of the gallery.

    If you learn them, post them here :)

  • Art will be available for viewing at the Ron Taylor Gallery, 1160 St. Johns Place, this week from Wednesday-Friday and next week [June 2 - June 4] from Monday-Wednesday, 2 - 6pm. Call 718-773-6886 with any questions.
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