The Gulf Station/Dunkin Donuts at EP and Bedford (1550 Bedford)
  • 1548, 1550 1552, 1554, 1556, 1558, 1560, 1562, 1564 Bedford Avenue

    Photo: Loopnet

    This property has been for a sale for a little while, and is rumored to have recently been sold. It might be torn down.

    The property is zoned C8-2, so the new owners will have a hard time building residential.

    Here are the listings for site:

  • That's unfortunate. It's not like there's a massive housing shortage in this city or anything.

  • Forty years ago I worked for an auto parts store that delivered to that station. It was called Hilltop Esso at the time.

  • The only Gas Station I could ever find in Williamsburg.

  • ehgee said:

    That's unfortunate. It's not like there's a massive housing shortage in this city or anything.

    This gas station is on the SW corner.

    Meanwhile, the gas station/car wash on the NE corner of EP and Bedford is about to be up zoned.

    So, in addition to the old theater being razed and built on, it would not surprise me if that gas station/car wash was soon developed.

  • In response to this post, Brownstoner did a little digging and has confirmed the site pictured above REMAINS for sale.

    Apparently the realtors are pitching this site to potential buyers as a potential conversion site, meaning that a (in my opinion "Brave") investor could buy it with the hopes that zoning could be changed to allow residential at some point in the future.

  • Heard on 880AM this morning that some developer bought a parking garage on 1st ave in midtown Manhattan for 60 (sixty) million just so it could be knocked down and a residential tower could be put up. Seems like housing is the way to go no matter what borough you're in. And to absorb that kind of outlay no doubt the cheap apartments will be going for more than one million.

  • As of mid August, this site seems to have not yet been sold:

  • No longer for sale.... Don't know who/what etc.

  • This place, as well as the gas station on the corner of Bedford and Empire, is boarded up and permits to remove the tanks and canopy’s are pending. Both are owned by Conoco Phillips. I don't think the lot was actually sold.

  • As a result of your post, I walked by there last night.

    Yes, it definitely seems they are making this lot into "something else". Given it's zoning and excellent location, it would not surprise me if we ended up with a health care facility.

    ...with maybe a bank and a drug store on the first floor.

  • Permits were approved to start removing the gas tanks at Empire and Bedford. It's safe to assume that this will no longer be a gas station.

    I hope it won't become more mini storage.

  • Because both sites had/have the same owners, I do wonder if we will have a new use that is the same for each.

  • Photos taken by Daniel IvyLampLampLampLamp
  • Any update on this site? I live directly across from it and they have begun demolition on the site. Its loud.I see that the permits were just for commercial canopy and gas tank demolition/ removal. Does someone know what this property is to become?
  • It is zoned commerical, but beyond that I don't know.They may simply be "clearing and cleaning" the site at this time.....then, they will advertise the site as ready to be built upon to a new buyer. Given its proximity to the soon-to-be-repurposed armory, this site could have a lot of uses.
  • Broker Michael Amirkhanian said the lot is under contract for sale, but he could not disclose details about the buyer or the space's future use. City property records did not show the sale as of Wednesday."It's under contract," Amirkhanian said. "There's nothing we can report at this time."

    Thanks Sonja!
  • Over heard someone saying this site is going to be a Marriott. I can't find any evidence to support or refute that.
  • Zoned commercial and having 38,400 buildable sq ft, the site might be able to host a small, Express-style hotel.
  • From a reliable source, I have also heard that this site will become a Marriot.

    Five or six stories.

    Marriots are independently owned, and this location was purchased by a buyer who owns a few other locations, and intends to build one here. Note, there are several brands and grades of "Marriots"

  • If you look thru the windows in the construction fence, you can see the big hole where the gas tank used to be.

    The gas station still remains. 

    This development is one of several in western Crown Heights that I am watching closely. Here are the others:
  • whynot_31 said:

    From a reliable source, I have also heard that this site will become a Marriot.Five or six stories. Marriots are independently owned, and this location was purchased by a buyer who owns a few other locations, and intends to build one here.

    That's an interesting place to put a hotel. Then again, if a hotel can be built on Utica Avenue, why not there?
  • Friends of mine have been craving a nearby, not luxurious, hotel as a place to put their parents when they visit.

    If this plan comes to fruition, I think the owners will do well.
  • Let's just hope that the hotel doesn't fall victim to a bedbug problem. 
  • This property and the gas station on Bedford and Empire are owned by the same company.   They are removing the underground gas tanks at both locations....same crew at both locations.    Since i doubt Marriott is building on both sites i would assume a transaction has taken place yet.   

    Marriott has a lot of flavors of hotels, i figure this one would be a Courtyard or Residence Inn. 

    This lot (EP and Bedford) has got to be more valuable, even though we don't know what the armory will be yet.  

    Who knows, perhaps a hotel is not so certain   
  • dmiami2 said:

    This lot (EP and Bedford) has got to be more valuable, even though we don't know what the armory will be yet.  

    I would agree as it is just one block away from a subway station (Franklin Avenue) and closer to the developments on Franklin Avenue. If one were to walk a couple of blocks more and one woulod arrive at the Brooklyn Museum and one block more at the Botanic Garden.
  • This hotel would be one of many slated to open in Brooklyn over the next several years

  • It will get some competition from this mid rise hotel in the works on Atlantic, near Nostrand:
  • Today I learned that while the gas station and $1.99 combos are history, one important artifact remains: The $1.99 sign.

    Here it is with my dog:

  • While the gas tanks and awning have been removed, the convenience store building remains.

    Also, the signs on the construction plywood indicate the owner is Cumberland Farms, a convenience store chain:

    This makes me wonder whether my source that said "Marriott Hotel franchise" is correct.

    Also, the site is only zoned for 38k buildable sf.

    I'm now leaning toward the site becoming a convenience store with gas tanks in a different location than the prior one.

    If they don't tear down the building soon, this seems likely.
  • I was so looking forward to a decent hotel in this area. The ones on Atlantic are too far to put family and Utica is not an option. I don't know of any others.
  • Cumberland Farms is the current operating owner...   There is a Trust that owns this property and a number of others in Queens and Brooklyn, including the property on Empire and Bedford.   The Trust appears to be preparing to sell off a number of these properties (profit taking probably).  I still don't think a deal has been done but they are preparing for it by removing tanks etc.    It certainly could become another gas station but i would think the property is too expensive for that now (although zoning could be a limiting factor).

  • Do you know how long the Cumberland Farms trust has owned the properties?

    Did they recently buy them en mass?     ...this would lead me to speculate that they didn't really want all of them.

    Yes, it makes sense to me that they would have the skills/connections to dismantle a gas station in a manner that was less expensive than a new buyer, hence bringing value.

  • I think the Trust has owned the property since early 2000's. I think it's part of an employee benifits program held over from when Conocophillip acquired Tosco.
  • I find it odd that they have not applied for permits to demolish the gas station.    So far, there are only permits to remove the underground tanks and the awning that was above the pumps:

    It would not surprise me if there were still hotdogs and soda in the gas station, waiting for someone with $1.99.
  • While the under ground tanks are huge pain in the butt for a buyer... the existing building is not.  It has sewer, electric, potentially gas lines all installed and protected in the building.   Having some of this in place already "could" be a benefit to a buyer.  Certainly it's not worth the expense for the current owner to demolish it (unlike the tanks and the canopy).    

    Plus all the Twinkies will still be good for another 10 years.   :)
  • Assuming that the entity who reportedly wants to open a Marriott franchise doesn't already have an Option To Purchase in place, if I was Cumberland Farms, I would wait to sell this place until the new use for the armory becomes clear.
  • Looking north, Bedford on right side.

  • This "end of the day" photo was taken today. 

    At some point over the last week, the plywood perimeter has been removed and a chain link perimeter has replaced it.

    I presume the hotdogs and snack foods remain inside.

  • Chain link implies no work any time soon.
  • Seems to be the case.  Walked by there the other night, and it's an eyesore.  Hope it doesn't just sit like this for too long.
  • Has anyone heard any more about this site? Hotel, Supermarket? Condos?
  • Again, has anyone heard anymore about this location?
  • I have no updates.
  • Some of the people on my block who attended the last meeting said that they heard that it will be a residential building. My husband is going to next Monday's meeting. Perhaps they will mention something. I will keep you posted.
  • As per the first post, the lot is zoned commmercial.

    A hotel would conform with this zoning, but an apartment building would not.

    So, unless the developers get a variance....
  • ...maybe that is why it is taking so long to get some movement on this location? Perhaps the developers are trying to get a residential variance!

    Although, I do think that a TASTEFUL hotel would do some great business. There are a lot of visitors in our area, especially during the Jewish high holy days, that would benefit from a nice hotel. And it would be great to have a hotel because they could provide additional meeting and event space.
  • When a variance for this size of site is requested, there is usually public notice and some media coverage.

    While I don't spent all of my time looking for such things, I consider myself pretty aware and have not seen anything of the sort.

    We may need to be patient.
  • homeowner said:

    Chain link implies no work any time soon.

    Someone stole the chain link fence a few weeks ago. I believe this implies chain link fence is valuable.
  • From a source I believe to be reliable, this site will remain vacant until the plan for the reuse of the nearby armory is established.

    In the current environment, the vacant lot might be appreciating at 15% a year.

    Why rush...
  • dmiami2 said:

    The former gas station across the street (1550 Bedford) was officially signed over to "1550 Bedford Ave LLC" for $7.2M... I believe whoever created this LLC is the new owner that will develop the lot. 

    The lot was part of $41M REIT that included the gas station on Empire and Bedford, as well as others...  The gas station on Empire is slated to become another storage facility, probably somewhat due to the limited options the site is zoned for.

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