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Nouvelle Vag

Just curious what people think of this place. Its on the corner of Lincoln and Classon and is always empty.


  • The 2 reviews on Yelp seem to lay it out; bad quality product with unjustified high prices.

    Not to mention the world's worst name

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    This thread has inspired me to create a thread entitled "Coffee Shop Deathwatch", which can be found here:

  • Ummmm...... I took French in high school, so I know what "nouvelle" means, but does "vag" mean something else? Maybe I should have stayed with French through college.

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    The name has been the subject of discussion here, and on Brownstoner, before.

    Here's the Brooklynian thread, where we "beat around the bush":

    But I have hand it to this Brownstoner commenter, who "dove right in":

    CHAffR1974 wrote: It's my understanding that the front- er - "entrance" will be in the form of a verticle slit, with an awning (or...ahem..."hood") over it.Immediately inside (but no one knows where, exactly) is a cozy corner called The G Spot, where you can order multiple coffees.

  • There's some comedy there. But was the true answer was ever revealed? Why they called the place Vag?

  • I assume the owners subscribe to this link's interpretation of the layout of Grand Army Plaza, and did the best they could with their limited resources to compete.

    Note: The link is safe for work. Some would say it is even tasteful.

  • Indeed, worst. And this - in a neighborhood where giving your small business a terrible name seems to be a zoning mandate. Within 8 blocks of Nouvelle Vag, I give you:

    Skazzy Cafe

    God Is (...a restaurant?!)

    Bearded Lady


  • Superclam - I think this is a misspelling of "nouvelle vague", which means new wave in french.

  • It seems to be how the business has chosen to spell itself

    So, does this mean they didn't care about spelling it correctly, and/or did not get the input of people who enjoy thinking about vaginas?

  • Apparently Nouvelle Vague is a french book as per the link to Facebook you posted. I guess their name is an homage to that but the misspelling is a mystery still. Someone's gonna have to ask them

  • I don't think it's a misspelling.

    The owner is French. She probably just decided to write it that way the same way someone might write 'boro' instead of 'borough'. Her English might not be strong enough for her to have realized what that was going to sound like.

    The decor inside the cafe IS all about the Nouvelle Vague.

  • The decor inside the cafe IS all about the Nouvelle Vague.

    The obvious alternative to this decor seems like it would bring in more interest.

  • Since the above posts, the French owner became aware that "Vag" unleashed the inner Beavis and Butthead in large numbers of potential customers, and has officially added "ue" to the name.

    She also is undertaking efforts to attract customers to her business on the basis of art:

    I wish her the best.

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    @wbm reports that this shop will close by June 1, 2014.

    Already closed are several of the other businesses with unfortunate names:

    Skazzy Cafe. CLOSED

    God Is (...a restaurant?!). CLOSED

    Bearded Lady. OPEN

    Thirstbaravin. CLOSED.
  • Bearded lady is definitely not closed. That place is always pretty packed on weekends.
  • Is skazzy cafe closed?  I thought just last weekend I walked by and there were people sitting on the deck outside eating.  Or is it a new name/place?  
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    Skazzy is under a new owner, and now known as Prospect Corner.

    In my mind, it is trying to compete directly with The Spot (located about 150' away). Clearly, The Spot is beating them.
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    Signs on the windows of Nouvelle Vague indicate the furniture and equipment is now for sale.
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  • I feel really sorry for the owner of Nouvelle Vague.. regardless of the poor choice of name and all.  Ive seen her outside the cafe quite bit over the last couple days and she just looks so incresibly sad. It must be very hard when your vision and good intentions don't turn out the way you hoped. This must be tough time and we certainly wish her well...
  • Looks like Prospect Corner is officially done. Saw them taking apart their outdoor seating platforms this morning. I've been totally amazed that they haven't vacated soon since it hasn't been open in many months. I figure they own the building or something? Otherwise how were they able to pay rent all this time with no business?
  • They may have been trying to get out of their lease and/or been in eviction proceedings while closed.

    Regardless, I have created a nouvelle thread for them:
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